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  1. This is at the forum level to sort topics. This can be done from admin too that in what ordering you want the topics. Looking for this option within a topic so posts are shown by the last reply. So the functionality you are showing is what we need, but within a topic. Will be great if can set parameter in forum settings (in admin) for the sort order for posts within a topic, similar to setting ordering of topics within a forum.
  2. Not a filter. But just show all replies in reverse order. So for example if this is current the ordering of the posts - Title matter --- posted on July 1 at 10am Reply1 - July 2 at 10am Reply2 - July 2 at 11am Reply3 - July 4 at 10am Reply4 - July 8 at 9am Show it in this manner (in reverse) Title matter --- posted on July 1 at 10am --- stays as title Reply4 - July 8 at 9am Reply3 - July 4 at 10am Reply2 - July 2 at 11am Reply1 - July 2 at 10am So the reply that is shown at the top is the most recent reply since as information was updated the latest reply probably has the most relevant information.
  3. Thanks for the info. Didn't know hovering would give exact data. Exactly what I was looking for!
  4. Currently all the posts in a discussion topic is shown in chronological order (latest post at the end). Should have an option to show posts in reverse chronological order too, where the latest post comes at the top, below the title. This is important since some discussions, the latest information matter more and then this would be logical and intuitive. For example, if the topic is discussion of some live event development, the latest update is most relevant rather than the first reply after topic was started. This feature was present in version 3.X. Please consider adding this in 4.X since extremely important for us. Please contribute if anyone else also finds this relevant so the IPS team can consider taking it as a task in an upcoming update. If someone has a quick fix to achieve this, that will be helpful too for now. Thanks!
  5. Any idea on how to do this in 4.0.10? Thanks.
  6. Hello, Suppose I have a topic in a forum (original forum) and I move it to another forum (new forum) then the number of questions count in the original forum reduces by 1 which is fine. So now my net count in original forum becomes zero. Now suppose I again mark the topic to move from the original forum to new forum, the counter for number of questions becomes -1. Then if I delete the topic link from the original forum then the counter becomes -2. So I added a forum, then moved it and then deleted the pointer link and this resulted in number of questions in the forum to be shown as -2. Seems like a critical bug. Please report to the team immediately. Hoping for a fix in the next release. Any tricks to get around this apart from not moving topics? Thanks!
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