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  1. It works now ty for your time :)))
  2. Ok so the ipb 4.0.3 version is the one this plugin doesn't work for
  3. sorry I'm running board version 4.0.3
    This is great thank you
  4. Hi new to this haha I'm going to get this plugin next but I'm having trouble with the topic rep plugin you made ( Im only posting here because I couldn't post in the support thread you made for some read. You made it in april-ish I think) But heres the problem : for some reason on our forum the counter seems to be wrong for instance there could be 4 reputations but the topic rep counter all still be at 0 heres an image liked OP Thread rep still at 0
  5. Is there a way to remove this? If so, then how exactly do i go about it? Getting rid of that feature so that a normal avatar can be uploaded without any cropping.
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