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  1. Just upgrade to and it is not working anymore....
  2. Well thank you Mark, they fixed it for me.
  3. Welcome to my world, same issue here.
  4. @Lindy I hope this doesn't take alot of time. What shall I do once you fix this issue ? I just re-run the upgrade or you're going to post somewhere steps how to fix this issue ?
  5. Did IPB support reply to any of you ? My community is down, and there has been no reply yet to my ticket.
  6. @Adlago look what happened after clearing cache
  7. I tried disabling all plugins and repeating the upgrade. Still same issue . . . .
  8. Stuck on Upgrading database (Core: Upgrade ID 101021-0) Help !
  9. qiu shanlong


    http://prntscr.com/9al7sk Please fix this bug, the page scroll just keeps increasing at the footer.
    http://prntscr.com/9al7sk Look at this bug, please fix. The page just increases at the footer.
  10. Traffic Generator is not working for that's for sure !
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