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    steel51 reacted to Eudemon in Enhance Core: Support   
    it uses your theme's style, for the whole button you can do
    .toggle-slot { transform: scale(0.8); } in your custom.css, replace the number to whatever you desire
    same goes with any customization, tweak your theme setting or see my previous example
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    steel51 got a reaction from Eudemon in Enhance Core: Support   
    ...is working for me. Thanks for quick response.
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    steel51 got a reaction from Jordan Invision in Discord is killing our forum   
    We do it the same way, using the free version (--> minimal features) as a block on homepage, only visibile for members, at the lower area.
    User loves it.

    Nearly 350K messages in a few years, everyday round 200. I'm wondering if I should upgrade to Chatbox+, but for what reason?
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    steel51 got a reaction from peter.schaefer in date_started and date_replied translation issue 4.4   
    Got it. It is

    @eskaitershould be edited in the first post from you. Maybe helpful for other too
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    steel51 reacted to Joel R in [Action Required] Google+ APIs and OAuth requests shutdown   
    Wait until 4.4 and then update your Google logins with the updated help guide.  
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    steel51 reacted to Adriano Faria in Quizzes   
    Is this the Quizzes Feed widget? If so, it uses a core template to display the image:
    <ips:template parameters="$quiz, $orientation='vertical'" /> <li class='ipsDataItem {{if $orientation == 'horizontal'}}ipsGrid_span3{{endif}}'> <div class='ipsDataItem_icon ipsPos_top'> {template="thumbImage" group="global" app="core" params="$quiz->thumb, $quiz->title, 'tiny', '', 'view_this', $quiz->url(), 'quizzes_Image'"} </div> As it hasn't any background style there, I can only image it comes fromthe thumbImage template.
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    steel51 got a reaction from Surendra.S in How to put responsive footer like this website ?   
    Hi Surendra,
    In the marketplace you find an application "advanced footer" from @TAMAN. With this application you can do everything, most likely also the footer above. But it take a little time to get everything settled. I did this for my own site last friday, and all in all it took some hours to get like I want to have it. I attached a screenshot below. 
    The icons for social media are part of suite since 4.2? You can provide your sites in Admin-Center, and in the theme you choose wether they are displayed at the header or footer.
    Screenshot from my site with adavanced footer.

    Link to the application:
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    steel51 got a reaction from Daniel F in Hosted ElasticSearch Recommendations   
    It works definitly like that. Put in the amazon url into IPS system and it starts immediatly. Tested it on my own board.
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    steel51 got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Quizzes   
    @Adriano FariaI have an improvement proposal:
    Would be nice if we could an option to define a feedback dedicated to one quiz.
    And for other (standard) quizzes we can choose (standard) feedback.
    Also nice if we could have a grade title and grade description field
    Example Feedback for Nerd-quiz,
    If you are looking for high quality quizz questions, take a look at galinaitis on fiverr. She is great! My full recommendation...
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    steel51 reacted to Fosters in Feed2DB - Support Topic   
    We have closed our site and moved all support to ips. 
    I‘m not sure why the downloads manager is deleting the screenshots, but IPS is aware of this.
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    steel51 got a reaction from Pete T in Mailchimp by IPS Themes   
    Found it, it is an option directly in the xml file.
    Line 30: 'double_optin'      => false, set to true: works!
    Thank you.
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    steel51 reacted to Adriano Faria in Classifieds System   
    Version 1.0.2 Beta 1 available for download on my support board. A lot of fixes and new features makes part of this version.
    Those who bought this resource can download it and test it.
    URL: http://www.sosinvision.com.br/ips4/index.php?/topic/319-classifieds-system-102-beta-1-available-on-this-site/ Username: same user name from IPS Password: your email on IPS I suggest you to test it first before you upgrade your online board.
    Please,report bugs to the Tracker: http://www.sosinvision.com.br/ips4/index.php?/tracker/classifieds/
    The automatic account was created on my board from Sep 14 onward, so if you bought this app before that, you won't have an account. Send a MP and I'll create an account for you, so you can downlod it.
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    steel51 reacted to Adriano Faria in Classifieds System   
    Yeah, it was. Fixed for 1.0.2:

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    steel51 got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Classifieds System   
    figured it out with your help. Thank you.
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    steel51 got a reaction from Chris59 in Classifieds System   
    figured it out with your help. Thank you.
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    steel51 reacted to Chris59 in Classifieds System   
    Hello... here some you can check so its setup the right way .... see pics below ....

    Go to language and do following search for f_months

    The language key

    Make sure you dont have brake the formatting .....

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    steel51 reacted to Adriano Faria in Classifieds System   
    I can do something like that in a further version.
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    steel51 reacted to Adriano Faria in Classifieds System   
    No, not really. Multi currency is a must here, among other Commerce stuff.
    I really want to make a Quiz app soon.
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    steel51 reacted to ArchLinux in How to hide sub-forums from homepage   
    After update you need again replace the lines.
    I personally use this css trick for two columns:
    .ipsApp_front .ipsDataItem_subList li { width: 200px; } Not the best solution, but it works very well on my board ..  i have set layout row-max-widh in px. 
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    steel51 reacted to jp in Defaulting streams to condensed view   
    I would really like the ability to set a default option of either expanded or condensed. I would prefer to set the default option to be condensed 
    would be good if Invision add this ability as an option in the settings
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    steel51 reacted to Lucas von Mecheln in Promote Posts to Articles   
    Hello, I bought this plugin yesterday, and I second the request to set the post's author as the article author.
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    steel51 reacted to Martin1980 in Personal Photo on Sign Up Form   
    Good advice, I would recommend to make this radio box conditional; once a user select a option to upload a image (but not would like to), the fourth radio box will appear.
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    steel51 reacted to BN_IT_Support in DO NOT UPGRADE to   
    It's a volkswagon! Maybe it has some special software so that it will only display correctly when you're testing... 
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    steel51 got a reaction from AndyF in Converting vb 4 to ipb 3 - Converter stucks at "topics" - any ideas?   
    Yay :).
    Found in error log: (above \httpdocs, under \logs)
    "mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted"
    Set in php.ini, 256M, instead of default, which was 128M, I assume. 
    looks good now. Thanks again, AndyF.
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    steel51 got a reaction from AndyF in Converting vb 4 to ipb 3 - Converter stucks at "topics" - any ideas?   
    Thanks, AndyF. Will take a look at these files. Hopefully I can an idea for the reason why converter stocks at "posts".
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