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  1. Haha
    SeNioR- reacted to Dean Spencer in [IPS 4.3] Discord Login Handler   
    Please....don't....ever.....abandon this app....THANK YOU
  2. Meow
    SeNioR- reacted to IP-Gamers in (itzverified) member verification   
    Listen... This is the most useless and fake app on the market.
    At first I had problems with the file system, which I eventually figured out on my own.
    Instead of helping, the developer advised me to switch to the file system from Amazon S3
    Now there is a problem displaying the verified user icon.

    You see.... By buying applications from the market, I hope to get a working product, and not make it work myself.
    I am very sorry that I wasted time and money on your app.
  3. Agree
    SeNioR- reacted to 403 - Forbiddeen in Staff Badge in User Profile   
    I love this simple plugin. Now my problem have ony more detail, thanks! 

  4. Confused
    SeNioR- reacted to adik in [M.A.D] Multiple Accounts Detector   
    This plugin is useless. I own a forum that is 12 years old, has a userbase of 600k with millions of database records - whenever I run the plugin, my server gets completely overloaded when checking the database for multi-accounts based on the devices they have used.
    I have described the issue to the plugin's author and proposed that an option which would filter the users using a date range be added so the amount of queries isn't as large, but was told that such functionality could be added for a fee of 15$ exclusively for me. 
    TLDR; if your forum is big and has a large database you better have it running on a NASA server because the app is borderline unoptimised and therefore unusable. 
    [EDIT] REPLY: A sane person would expect the plugin to work properly and be optimised when you charge money for it, not something you should use to charge more money from a customer. I have only proposed a solution and the implementation is entirely up to you.
  5. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to Pavel Chernitsky in [M.A.D] Multiple Accounts Detector   
    Works as described. Finds duplicate/multiple accounts of users and aggregates all of them in one easy to use and figure out table. absolute no-brainer purchase.
    was a bit fiddly to work with in the initial release, but is way better now, especially after adding a search function and extra features, and changing the display layout (it can now work perfectly well for big communities as well).
    PERFECT for small-medium or young communities with a fairly small amount of possible duplicates or not very many members. larger/older (I'd say ~100K/10yr +) communities with can have a slight overload of information displayed or need a few minutes of digging around to figure out what's what.
    The developer is super responsive and always answers PMs (even if the answer is 'no', which is commendable) and constantly works to add features and iron out issues. 
  6. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to evcom in OG Image for Forum Topics   
    Simple but very useful plugin and saving a lot of time when sharing forum posts with an image to Social Media channels. With standard IPB SEO features the og:image tag can be added too, but it it takes a lot more time. Thanks!
  7. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to Vahvel.net OÜ in (GS) VIP Members   
    Bought your application. We cant use it in production.
    1. Can you create update for it to choose not only 1 vip group but many? 
    We have VIP, SUPERVIP and DELUXEVIP groups we want to use with your app.
    2. Use VIP groups as secondary group, not the main.
    3. Automatically work with IPS commerce subscription plans (so we do not need to manually add members to VIP club, if they purchase any VIP package they will be added to VIP group according to the to subscription plan settings and period)
    I will also change my review opinion if you can help me out here. Thanks a lot.
  8. Thanks
    SeNioR- got a reaction from Fosters in Theme Usage Counters   
    Simple and userful plugin
  9. Like
    SeNioR- got a reaction from A Zayed in Similar Topics Widget   
    Great plugin but not work on 4.4.7, need update
  10. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to jesuralem in Similar Topics Widget   
    The plugin does the job and i am very satisfied with it.
    It was broken after 4.4.7 but the problem was easily solved reinstalling the plugin. Thanks to the developer for the quick help on this.
  11. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to MeMaBlue in (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements   
    This app does MUCH more than what is said in the screenshots. if you read the support topic, and the requests  @newbie LAC is getting, 
    ("i want the ad to show there and there and there " )  you will see how many solutions this provides. 
    NewbieLac helped me extensively    
    to  actually have  floating ads  (sticky popups  with dismissible button) 
     to specific sections  .   
    Ad agencies love these (sticky banners /float s because they will get you high viewability percent, and are worth more than the rest of the usual placements. 
    I also have purchased  other plugins from NewbieLAC  the  ad after x posts & ad after x topics  .  but this (with some help from newbielac who is very eager to help ) is capable of much much more, related to ads. 
    absolutely worth the money, because of all the potential ,  do read the support topic to see ...!
  12. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to Silnei L Andrade in Simple Topic   
    Cool! Thanks!
  13. Like
    SeNioR- got a reaction from Firdavs Khaydarov in Birthday In Post   
    Hook needs to be updated:

  14. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to boro_boy in Forum Sidebar   
    Excellent app, does exactly what it says. I can now have different side bars on different forums so everything on the sidebar is related to the forum. 
  15. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to Pandemixx in Quick Topic   
    Does exactly as advertised, works great with IPS4.3.x.
  16. Like
    SeNioR- got a reaction from DawPi in (DP45) Custom Links   
    Userful App! Works very well. 
  17. Like
    SeNioR- got a reaction from AntoGhost in Chatbox FREE   
    It works very well as always;) Thanks.  You could add support for Emoji
  18. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to ChrisVanMeer in Theme Usage Counters   
    Just what I needed. Thanks!
  19. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to David.. in Prevent double submission   
    This should be default on IPB4.
  20. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to Dean Spencer in Register Group for Login Handlers   
    Works great, this should have been native to IPS but they never brought it back.  thank you! 5 Stars!
  21. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to opentype in Email Address Confirmation   
    From the feature request to the Marketplace product in just 24 hours. Nice!
  22. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to Nebthtet in Hide Followers for Guests   
    Does exactly what it should, now our guests have another reason to sign up
  23. Thanks
    SeNioR- got a reaction from CodingJungle in [BNS] Name 2 Avatars   
    Great App, forum looks better without many default avatars.. nice, clear and colorfully. 
  24. Like
    SeNioR- reacted to Joey_M in (NB41) Who To Follow   
    This will help engage a more social element to my site by encouraging people to follow other members, this is a feature which IPS currently doesn't utilise as much as they should - especially with the considered view that forums/communities are dead/retro.
    Very good community addition, I highly recommend it.
  25. Like
    SeNioR- got a reaction from onlyME in (BIM) Hide Link And Code   
    Working very well on IPS 4.2. Thank You  
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