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  1. Letter avatar is not generated if user name starts by number "0" Is this deliberate action or a bug?
  2. You have "Contributor" group and you don't know? Mmebers -> STAFF -> Moderators
  3. Happy B-Day! Best CMS of all!
  4. @AlexWebsites I've done it before - for tests, I've improved the seo for tags and indexed well. I have a modified search.php file somewhere on the disk
  5. @bfarber yes, but this is only for "Downloads". We also have rating in normal topics like this one. I think it would be possible to add Google Rich Snippets to topics without price, etc only with the number of votes.
  6. Okay, but does anyone know how to rebulid / delete default letter avatars? the point is to change their size to a smaller one. Maybe someone will write a simple function?
  7. @Charles Can anyone from IPS confirm that it will be in 4.3?
  8. Hi, I didn't find a similar topic so I decided to create one. These are ideas and seo tips that will speed up your community. First, thanks to @Adlago for your effort and contribution to improve IPS. Topic will be updated on a regular basis. 1. Images a). keep your images on subdomain; use CDN (Content Delivery Network) if you can. Explanation: https://www.semrush.com/blog/must-know-seo-practices-for-content-delivery-networks-cdns/ b). change size of default letter avatars to 80x80 (max 150x150) - the default size is set to 500 pixels (sic!) Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/441642-generate-profile-photos/ 2. Sitemap a). add your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing - Webmaster Tools. (Optional: Yandex, Baidu) Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/442742-large-community-you-have-a-problems-with-sitemap/ 3. Robots.txt file a). Make sure you have this file. b). Add link to your sitemap file and disable subfolders that you don't want to be indexed. c). Check out my optimized robots.txt file for IPS 4.2 Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/438911-robotstxt-ipboard-4x/?do=findComment&comment=2699582 https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/428706-when-google-index-topic/ https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/423233-i-advise-you-to-remove-share-by-email/ https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8608-robotstxt/ 3. PHP Version a). change PHP version to the latest one if you can. (IPS work well on PHP 7.1. I am not convinced to 7.2) Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/442321-php-720-released/ 4. Updates a). Update your Applications, Plugins, Themes, Script on a regular basis. b). Don't use outdated Applications and Plugins on updated script. This leads to many system errors. 5. Archiving Tool a). reduce the size of the database table storing posts. Archive topics with a lot of posts that are not used. Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/437997-mass-remove-topics-for-better-performance-bad-idea/ 6. Bots a). Stop spam bot registration. Use Google Recaptcha. / IPS Anti-Spam Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/443416-contact-us-spam-e-mails/ https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/372907-stop-the-spam-guide-to-stopping-spammers/ 7. Secure your community with SSL Certificate a). SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/360704-full-ssl-support/ 8. Choose www or non-www version a). make sure you have a htaccess redirection. Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/367687-important-seo-step-that-is-often-overlooked/ https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/44231?hl=en 9. Make sure your content is valuable. a). it is better to have less topics but more meaningful than many worthless, useless topics. Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/358727-content-is-the-key/ https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/358006-three-important-things-for-your-website/ https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/360480-treat-your-members-well/ https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/358046-less-is-often-way-more/ b). make sure that the content is visible to guests; check guest permissions Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/440056-422-recommend-quick-audit-of-your-guest-permissions/ 10. Userful Online Tools TinyPNG - compress images The W3C Markup Validation Service - html errors PageSpeed Insights and pingdom - website speed GTmetrix, Dareboost and SeoSiteCheckup - website analysis Majestic and SEMSTORM - backlinks Things that must be introduced / corrected: a). compress HTML output code and reduce size of HTML (remove blank empty lines) Explanation: b). better seo for the user profiles page. - missing important meta tags like description and keywords - make the profiles without content not indexed. c). make the tags indexed too (after optimization for seo) also why two different url show the same results? https://nophelet.com/tags/śęąż/ - special chars https://nophelet.com/tags/seaz/ - without special chars, same results. d). less JS files. e). option to remove special characters and CAPS from url (eg. ĄĘŁŹŻĆŁÓÇÃ) https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/417653-how-to-remove-special-characters-from-the-tags/ f). option to delete old reported content https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/443519-option-to-delete-old-reported-content/ g). limit post size (helps stop spamming) https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/420254-limit-post-size/ h). option to set the maximum number of topics in forum https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/435970-allowed-threads-to-create-in-specifics-forums-by-one-user/ i). profile field per gorup (I know there is a plugin but it would be good to introduce it to the standard) j). option to use signatures by days since joining and at the same time approved items k). extra option (only for PM) to groups tell user can't edit own Private Message. Now we can set only for all content like Topic etc.. l). tools to prevent create multi accounts. search engine to find multi accounts and merge it fast. m). add google rich snippets https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/418376-how-add-google-rich-snippets-to-ipb-4/ n). member list https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/407488-where-is-the-members-list/ o). seo friendly url to groups like /group/ips-staff/ https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[5]=1 p). larger font for mobile devices
  9. Yes, I think that's the reason. I changed the notification settings and blocked the option of sending to e-mail. We'll see if it works. Thanks.
  10. @Adlago i fully agree. I discovered that avatars have 500 pixels just yesterday. I have blank avatar in ACP too. I was shocked after testing site on GTmatrix Resizing in constants.php works only for new register members. <?php define( 'THUMBNAIL_SIZE', '100x100' ); /* size of letter avatar default size is 500x500 */
  11. Hi guys I discovered yesterday that sending emails does not work correctly on my site. It turned out that the limit was exhausted. Hosting provider has already reset the limit and informed me that there is a loop in the script. (IPS) The script tries to send e-mails to non-existent accounts over and over again. they sent me logs: 2018-02-10T05:56:23.434Z [INFO] [0A618AC6-3345-4708-B3A6-B822BC4E0F39.1.1] [outbound] bouncing mail: Some recipients failed: <xxx@gmail.com> 2018-02-10T06:11:35.964Z [NOTICE] [C9460898-564B-4809-91AC-80760E7CC1A9.1] [core] recipient <xxx@gmail.com> code=OK msg="" sender=cms@forum.pl 2018-02-10T06:11:36.379Z [NOTICE] [C9460898-564B-4809-91AC-80760E7CC1A9.1.1] [outbound] recipient <xxx@gmail.com> rejected: 550 5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or unnecessary spaces. Learn more at https://support.google.com/mail/?p=NoSuchUser 33si1380705lfv.428 - gsmtp 2018-02-10T06:11:36.380Z [INFO] [C9460898-564B-4809-91AC-80760E7CC1A9.1.1] [outbound] bouncing mail: Some recipients failed: <xxx@gmail.com> 2018-02-10T06:26:43.384Z [NOTICE] [AF50BDF9-5379-4865-A9F3-A805A3B30326.1] [core] recipient <xxx@lgmai.com> code=OK msg="" sender=cms@forum.pl 2018-02-10T06:26:43.941Z [NOTICE] [AF50BDF9-5379-4865-A9F3-A805A3B30326.1.1] [outbound] recipient <xxx@gmail.com> rejected: 550 5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or unnecessary spaces. Learn more at https://support.google.com/mail/?p=NoSuchUser i79si1186159lfb.434 - gsmtp 2018-02-10T06:26:43.942Z [INFO] [AF50BDF9-5379-4865-A9F3-A805A3B30326.1.1] [outbound] bouncing mail: Some recipients failed: <xxx@gmail.com> 2018-02-10T06:42:02.374Z [NOTICE] [D97AF3B7-8A9C-4C2C-98ED-08F3C5B54C69.1] [core] recipient <xxx@gmail.com> code=OK msg="" sender=cms@forum.pl 2018-02-10T06:42:02.536Z [NOTICE] [D97AF3B7-8A9C-4C2C-98ED-08F3C5B54C69.1.1] [outbound] recipient <xxx@gmail.com> rejected: 550 5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or unnecessary spaces. Learn more at https://support.google.com/mail/?p=NoSuchUser 15si1365683lju.48 - gsmtp 2018-02-10T06:44:30.290Z [INFO] [E4461970-4723-413B-A320-13455208E1CA.1.1] [outbound] bouncing mail: Some recipients failed: <piotrekos@wp.pl> 2018-02-10T06:45:19.924Z [NOTICE] [0E880CA2-A045-4DAB-A1F3-2FED3BC760BC.1] [core] recipient <piotrekos@wp.pl> code=OK msg="" sender=cms@forum.pl 2018-02-10T06:45:21.065Z [NOTICE] [0E880CA2-A045-4DAB-A1F3-2FED3BC760BC.1.1] [outbound] recipient <piotrekos@wp.pl> rejected: 550 "piotrekos@wp.pl": Podane konto jest zablokowane administracyjnie lub nieaktywne / This account is disabled or not yet active (#5.1.1) 2018-02-10T06:45:21.065Z [INFO] [0E880CA2-A045-4DAB-A1F3-2FED3BC760BC.1.1] [outbound] bouncing mail: Some recipients failed: <piotrekos@wp.pl> 2018-02-10T06:46:07.328Z [NOTICE] [54548059-3AFB-48A3-8519-E9CD4EBF0741.1] [core] recipient <piotrekos@wp.pl> code=OK msg="" sender=cms@forum.pl 2018-02-10T06:46:08.462Z [NOTICE] [54548059-3AFB-48A3-8519-E9CD4EBF0741.1.1] [outbound] recipient <piotrekos@wp.pl> rejected: 550 "piotrekos@wp.pl": Podane konto jest zablokowane administracyjnie lub nieaktywne / This account is disabled or not yet active (#5.1.1) 2018-02-10T06:46:08.462Z [INFO] [54548059-3AFB-48A3-8519-E9CD4EBF0741.1.1] [outbound] bouncing mail: Some recipients failed: <piotrekos@wp.pl> 2018-02-10T07:00:54.200Z [NOTICE] [777DD83E-423B-459D-8C8E-2264C3D43706.1] [core] recipient <piotrekos@wp.pl> code=OK msg="" sender=cms@forum.pl 2018-02-10T07:00:55.393Z [NOTICE] [777DD83E-423B-459D-8C8E-2264C3D43706.1.1] [outbound] recipient <piotrekos@wp.pl> rejected: 550 "piotrekos@wp.pl": Podane konto jest zablokowane administracyjnie lub nieaktywne / This account is disabled or not yet active (#5.1.1) What can I do with this?
  12. @Nathan Explosion i have over 100 pages of 25 reports per page so it's a tedious job; ( I thought that i find in acp option for automatic deletion after a certain time as it is with the content that has been removed. reported posts. (ie.report)
  13. Maybe it's a stupid question but I can not find an option to delete user reported content. I have over 100 pages of old checked reported content and I don't know how to delete them automatically.
  14. @sadams101 download robots.txt file from the attachment and edit url to sitemap. After editing, add to the main directory (public_html). It works really well for indexing. robots.txt
  15. also check your robots.txt file. Good configuration looks like this:
  16. SeNioR-

    4.3: Videos

    Very Cool! Good Job IPS!
  17. I think i found a very simple bug.. So if we register via Login Handler eg. Facebook we can't change own email address or configure account security because we have not created a password.. but field to enter password exist. So question is, how to create password for user who register via Login Handler?
  18. I don't think this is good idea, we have now "reactions".
  19. Thanks for the news. Beta 7 is pretty stable.
  20. IPS Community Suite is one of the most popular engines. It raises MyBB, phpBB and other similar scripts. Like Google among search engines. I have been a customer for a very long time, if not IPB, probably my forum today would not exist. I wanted to thank the whole crew. Thank you for this wonderful CMS :-)
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