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    I use CleanTalk in my Invision Powerboard forum and it works great! I recently experienced an issue, most likely caused by me. CleanTalk support staff were courteous and prompt in helping me resolve the problem. Based on the value of the product and the superb customer support, I highly recommend CleanTalk for spam prevention on Invision Forums.
  1. Hello, when installed on Invision v4.4.3 I am getting an empty field where Facebook posts should appear. I have entered the pagename (tried both alpha and numeric), app ID, app secret and generated an access token. Note, permanent tokens are apparently not currently available. When I tested via Facebook my feeds show, but they do not appear on my forum. I double checked permissions via Invision CP. Forum shows "No posts were found". I'm checking to see if you are aware of any issues presently or if you spot an error I may have made.
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