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    ipslover got a reaction from MeMaBlue in Delete My Account   
    Very nice plugin, but maybe the name should be Deactivate My Account. I just think that it should give us the option to delete all the user content or not. Some people prefer to leave the content, but others prefer to delete everything and they complain when they see their topics still on the site after we delete their accounts.
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    ipslover got a reaction from vldr in CoinPayments.net Gateway   
    Just bought this. Exactly what I needed. I hope this works smoothly with v4.2.5 and the developer will keep this working in the future. Congrats and thank you.
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    ipslover got a reaction from Michael.J in Auto Welcome   
    Very cool! I like the idea of sending an email to welcome new users. Thanks.
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    ipslover got a reaction from The Jimmo in [JIMMO] User Join Date in Post   
    It's important to have the join date visible. Very nice! Thanks for your time doing this free plugin.
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    ipslover got a reaction from sijad in TXT & PHP Widget   
    Amazing! Simple and powerful. Many thanks pal! I needed to put the community guidelines in a place where people could always see. Your widget made it possible.
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