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  1. Thank you @Cheshir It was something that I didn't need so I totally missed that button since IPS 4 launch
  2. Nice app, I bought it yesterday! I just don't like the fact that it's the first app to show when we log into the admin area. I would like to see the dashboard first (like it used to be) but now Classifieds is the first item in the admin menu, above System. Is there a way to change this?
    Very nice plugin, but maybe the name should be Deactivate My Account. I just think that it should give us the option to delete all the user content or not. Some people prefer to leave the content, but others prefer to delete everything and they complain when they see their topics still on the site after we delete their accounts.
  3. What's the difference between your plugin and this @TDBF
    Awesome plugin! Thank you for creating it. Hiding the content of the posts is the best strategy to make guests sign up... or leave.
    Just bought this. Exactly what I needed. I hope this works smoothly with v4.2.5 and the developer will keep this working in the future. Congrats and thank you.
  4. I already trust IPS Community Suite. I sold my previous site and license but I have experience and love the product. Now I'm starting something new, but people want native apps and currently the only solution I found was Tapatalk. I know the app is basic, but if it works smoothly, that's all I need to know before purchasing an IPS license. Of course I could ask them, but of course they would say, it works. What I'm looking for is feedback from folks who actually use Tapatalk premium apps. P.S.: @BariatricPal - I found your topic about the upcoming native apps you're launching. Amazing. Your forum grew and you developed apps for it, and now are going to sell the apps. Very smart! I wish you luck. But I'm aware this is something that isn't available yet, so I'm guessing you are currently using Tapatalk apps, am I right? I know that probably your apps will be much better, but are they at least reasonable? And what about your apps, when are they coming? Thanks.
  5. Amazing plugin, but unfortunately it's not working with IPS After you save, nothing happens. When you try again, the config page is blank.
  6. Amazing plugin, but unfortunately it's not working with IPS After you save, nothing happens. When you try again, the config page is blank.
  7. Hi, I have enabled referrals and I noticed that since guests cannot access my website, the referral link redirects to the login page. Is there a way to change this so referral links redirect to the registration page instead?
  8. This is a copy suggestion! When I get this kind of notification, I get confused. "MemberX liked a post in a topic" I think it should be: "MemberX liked your post in a topic" Otherwise it seems that the member just liked something that has nothing to do with me.
  9. I'm going to use this when you release the new version for IPS 4.x
  10. I just bought this plugin and I can't find the options page. Can you help me, please? Thanks!
  11. My bad, it has the button, but not the message "if yes, users will be required to provide their address" meaning that before if the button was off, people would not have to provide their address (I suppose). My community is private, paid only. I'm selling memberships. Here in Brazil we don't need to provide address from our clients to the government. We just have to pay the tax for whatever money we make. I don't know how it works in other countries. Agreed! These extra payment options should be required by the payment gateway. PayPal already has the address of its users. We should ask only for the information we are going to use. The more info required, the worst is the conversion. If the product is physical, then it is a must to get addresses. Of course, if it is required by the governement of some countries, that's another story. Like you said, it's possible to avoid this by doing it manually, using a simple PayPal button, but it would be time consuming when you have a lot of clients.
  12. Ok, sorry pal. So they have removed the option where we could sell something digital without asking for a shipping / billing address. Now we have to ask for a billing address at least even if we don't need to.
  13. I think this info is outdated and valid only on 3.x versions because on 4.0.x there is no difference between virtual and physical options. There's only one category when you are creating a product for both, physical and digital. I remember seeing a screenshot of a product being created on IPS 3.x and there was a specific category for digital products. I would be too! Here's how it used to be: Here's how it is now: There is no way to define the product as being not physical!
  14. I want to know if this is possible because I would like to do it too! I don't need to get the address of my clients.
  15. I was about to ask the same question...
  16. Wow! I missed that because the name is Referrals! I'm going to try it on a demo right now and if it has what I want I'm buying Nexus. Thanks!
  17. I'm about to launch a private premium community and since Nexus doesn't have an affiliate system integrated I'm gonna have to do it manually using PayPal, third party software and manual account approval. I'm just saying this as a suggestion!
    Very cool! I like the idea of sending an email to welcome new users. Thanks.
    It's important to have the join date visible. Very nice! Thanks for your time doing this free plugin.
    Amazing! Simple and powerful. Many thanks pal! I needed to put the community guidelines in a place where people could always see. Your widget made it possible.
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