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  1. I've mentioned it a few times in the past. And with 4.2 coming along I thought I might try again. Who knows maybe it will be done. Basically. Customization in the menu manager is decent but needs more flexibility. This flexibility can be gained by adding a new option, Like external link. But for internal links. We really need a way for the system to recognise when it is an internal site link and then show an active state when on that page. How this affects me?? My site is focused around 4 forums. Homepage as one then a link to the rest. I do not use the forum lists as it does not fit what my site is. So therefore, I have to use the menu manager. I just find it odd and an oversight that I cannot link a forum in a menu and have it highlight when I'm on that page or in a topic within that forum. Workarounds I managed to fix this with really impact loading speeds since I needed a lot of menu items. So a default solution would be much appreciated! I see this as something that, should be default. p.s - you guys always do a good job... well done on 4.2 announcements. p.p.s - I am aware that I can do what I want if its a pages module or an app. But not if it exists in the system. Forums, profiles etc!
  2. Just squeeze in a setting so I can stop members from using all daily alotted rep on a single user. Maybe have a limit on how many a user can receive from any one user.
  3. I learned something new today
  4. Not sure if you have this covered. But will mention it. Possibly a way to categorize clubs? Maybe tag them with a category club owner can set from a list admin creates. And then just add that to the sort by list type object? If this is done in a default way ignore me
  5. as major as this announcement?
  6. Thought this would suck. No way IPS could pull it off I thought as I read the title...Oh boy was I wrong! EXACTLY! what I was looking for! Can I assume we can disable locations on clubs? As that is something I don't want my users to be able to use.
  7. Wasn't expecting this!! step in the right direction if it works like it says
  8. Liked. Totally agree with every point!
  9. I got the trashcan forum too hehe
  10. Don't suppose this will also be useful for finding those pesky multiple accounts? please say yes!
  11. I only hide posts anyway so this is useless to me But thanks.
  12. I have an addition. When you type in a title to create a new thread, it should search threads recently posted with similar titles and display them as possible duplicate content. Just a small suggestion but one that would help a lot!
  13. Maybe an addition to the message you get when one reaches the daily set limit of likes allowed to give. detailing when they reset? i am always being asked when they reset. And i do not know myself how the mechanics of likes even work in regards to resetting. Anyone?
  14. Could it be a security thing. I remember someone saying a server ip could be gained from url import.
  15. What i think would be useful is an user created html examples section somewhere... Let people show off the little tricks they know with ips. That could spur a lot of creative effort within the community. I imagine that would help but i have not given it enough thought so probably an issue exists with that somewhere! Not a single problem with any of that Excited!
  16. Ah i had not known they had said that in the past. However i think it comes down to perspective. Facebook wall idea is a bad idea. Ain't no one wanting that. But a system like i've explained i think could do well for those sites which are based around discussions of various topics, I am thinking less social friends talking, and more content discovery for relevant discussions. After all its a platform for sharing content. And this seems like a very popular setup on many websites for people from all walks of life to share content. Content generation is key. But now i am thinking to myself if this would be possible to do myself using pages... Might just have to experiment myself.
  17. What happens if you Merge Status Updates / Activity Streams / Questions Forums together?? You get a highly sought after social media application for IPS that's what. How?? Clone Activity Stream Look and Name it "Social Stream" Replace activity items with singular status update type posts that look, feel and act like the questions forums do with Upvotes / Downvotes Go a step further and change the tag system to a hashtag system! incorporate that into categories inside the new system that allows people to filter based on hashtag selection. Voila "You have something to provide those who want to create a social media platform like twitter" thus expanding the reach and influence of IPS as a software Explanation is not a talent i think i have. But hopefully i have painted enough of a picture for understanding. Either way i must now sleep!
  18. Lets be fair. Im not being critical of ips. I am just hungry for more. More plugin/app devs could do that
  19. I'm not even wanting major details... It would be wrong to expect such a thing so far in advance. But I'd settle for general direction. Maybe its already been mentioned?
  20. I think my way with a little toggle to mark as read in the dropdown might work well. (if space is not an issue) But in regards to your angle sorry for jumping in.
  21. I'm not sure if its explained above but I'd love to keep the notification graphics on instead of them dissappearing if i go into the notifications dropdown. I log in to 60 or so notifications some days and that leads to me having open 70 new tabs so i do not miss anything important. I'd much rather have it just update the number until none are left. If any of that made any sense at all.
  22. Almost 2 years or somewhere near that with IPS now! Had issues at the start. Mainly down to my inexperience. I've lived, breathed and learned what i can from where i can. Even took my first venture into a little javascript and made something work the way i wanted which is neat. I am eager to see what else ips has to offer. I am running out of things to customize. Whether it is a third party plugin or the standard theme. I am eager for more. Because i have enjoyed everything you have offered me so far. And the support staff always do what they can to help me and i derp a lot. Would it be wrong of me to ask for a hint at future plans? I used to love drooling over the update roadmap. And would love to start thinking creatively about future possibilities. FEED ME DARN IT! I NEED MORE PRODUCTS! I NEED MOAR GOOD STUFF!!
  23. its not so much a leaderboard issue. Just too many items on the row where name is for tablet viewing. Should be ok if you are fixing the issue with the donations value on profiles still showing if disabled.
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