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  1. Thanks for the advise last time Kevin. Means a lot to me I do have another question though. Let's say I wanted to allow a Premium Member Group to Earn More Points than a Regular Member Group. Is there a way to give extra points to a Specific Member Group?
  2. I'm totally game for it!
  3. I don't believe it was Malicious, but it definitely was an abuse of the system. They totally covered the Main Page for a few hours, and I know as the website grows we will only get more people to compete for that "Latest Videos" spot. So having the ability to CAP the members to only 3 - 4 videos a day would be awesome
  4. Quick question, I have the Apps by (RULES) and (PATHS). How would I make the Rules App create a new Path Alias every time a Member signed up? For example, change the path of their profile pages to (website.com/username) instead of the (website.com/profile/123-username) Thanks in advance
  5. I do have a small problem however, that just raised it head on my website. Someone being able to add 50 Videos to the Website at one time. Is there a way to limit a person to only adding 5 videos per day? Instead of it being totally unlimited?
  6. This is what pops up on the Activity Feed when someone post a video Basically just the Title of the Video and the Section it was posted to. I was wondering if it could show the Video itself, instead of just the Title and the Section. Like the Example I've given below
  7. This is probably an odd request. But I was wondering if it was possible to show the entire video on the Activity Feed when a Video is posted. Instead of just showing the Title and a Link to the Video. If this can be done in anyway, I would be super happy!
  8. Take your time man. Our website is in no rush to get a 4.1 release right now, because were still waiting on one other applications to go 4.1 friendly before we upgrade. I can say that we would like to ask for custom work once the 4.1 version is released. Is that something that we could possibly get?
  9. I am super to excited to see this will be updated to 4.0! I have been waiting patiently for the release this release just so I could upgrade my board from 3.4 to 4.0
  10. Hey Dylan, I purchased your Live Streams application a few days ago and tried to set it up, but something doesn't seem to be right. Every time I type in a Twitch URL and Click Submit the system tries to process it for a long time and then send me to an Error Page. Could you check it out for me?
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