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  1. Hey @newbie LAC Got a question for you about this. Would it be possible to showcase a specific user, or even multiple, at the top of the widget? That way more people will see their profile
  2. Hey @Fosters I have a something I'd like to see implemented into this app. Right now I'm using this app to create Rules so Actions are completed based off Events that happen on the website. And I noticed that "Referring a Member" is not an Event. Would it be possible to make it one?
  3. Title basically says it all. We want to sell Emoji packs. Basically users pay a one time fee, and they get to use all the Emojis in a Custom Emoji Group. Anyway to achieve this? Found an answer!
  4. Hello IPS Community, So I'm looking to add some more automatic embeds to my board, but I don't know how. Could one of you all point me in the right direction and explain how exactly I would go about adding it? Thanks for the help!
  5. OK I added it to the ProfileHeader Template. And then I tested it on Discord and Twitter, but nothing right now. How long do you think it will take before it starts showing?
  6. Hello IPS, So I'm looking to change something for that's been bothering for quite some time. But I don't know how to go about it. My goal is to replace the Sharer Image that shows by default on Profiles. When you share a profile link to Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform. It automatically uses the Sharer Image instead of the Profile Picture. Is there a way to force it to grab the Profile Picture instead? Maybe some snippet of Code I can add to my theme?
  7. My (Upload Thumbnail) option doesn't seem to be working anymore. Do you know how I can fix this?
  8. And if the same Verified Tick Mark could show on the Hovercards as well. Next to the Username
  9. This would be a great option to change the color. I would like to suggest one more option. The ability to show the Verification Mark next to Usernames on the Discover / Timeline Page Example below.
    This is a great application and I want to thank the Developer for Creating it
  10. Can you make it where the background can cover the entire background of the website? Basically like the Veizor Skin you all have. The Background covers the entire background of the website, not just the sides. Actually better yet, if it could be an option. Because I sometimes you don't want it to be the entirety of the background
    Probably the best IPS 4 Theme Available! A Few weeks back I was in talks with this Developer about designing us a Custom Theme, and they were quick to tell me they were in the process of designing this. So I patiently waited and could not be happier with the final product! Also the developer has continued to stay in contact with me and allow me to add my two cents on what Features can be made available 5 out of 5 stars for sure!
  11. I never understood why Statuses are not considered part of the Content Count. They are Content aren't they? Anyway, I'd like to see these Statuses become part of that Number as well.
  12. Oh you are correct, it doesn't have any bearing. So the things you suggested is going to be great to tell my members from now on. But it doesn't completely help me, because I want it visible for others as well.
  13. Ah, but then only you personally can see it. I want it to be an option to make it public. Like Follower is now
  14. Hello IPS, I'm not sure if you all have heard this one before, but being able to view who you Follow would be super nice! I run a fairly large website where users post a lot, which really racks up the Notifications if you FOLLOW a lot of people. And members are constantly asking me to see a list of the members they Follow. But the only list available is a list of members who Follow you. I don't really see the purpose of only having the one, but not the other. Can you all please add this feature? EXAMPLE (Directly from IPS) https://invisionpower.com/profile/554525-veilon/followers/
  15. We've been having problems with submitting Videos since integrating Collaboration App as well. I've talked with @Mike John a few times about it, and he said he should have it fixed soon
  16. OK Well most of my members receive an Error when submitting a Video. The video still gets posted it just shows an Error every time making them think it was not posted and then they send me messages saying it's broken. Now this doesn't happen for Administrators, but for all the other Members Groups it shows the Error. Also the same members groups receive this configuration Error when trying to see click the (Videos) Tab on any of the profile pages on the website. Not really sure why, but Admins do not have this issue. Only everyone else on the website. I sent you the full Error in a PM message
  17. Hey @Mike John Any ETA on when the Video System is going to be ready for download?
  18. I Second this Request Lots of my Members have No Submitted Videos.
  19. I also want to know if this is possible, because many of my members complain that they type out a link and then it doesn't parse it.
  20. This is because you picked Enter URL to Uploaded File. You needed to choose the Enter Media URL I've messaged Mike about how that option is confusing the members of my website as well. And having the option to remove it completely.
  21. OK, I'll do better to explain. Members on my website earn points thanks to your Points Economy and Rules Apps. So, for example, Members Earn 2 Points for Posting a Forum Topic on the Website. I would like to make it where Members in the Premium Group earn Double the amount of Points Normal users earn. So instead of earning 2 points for a Forum Topic, they would earn 4 points. I fiddled with it for awhile, but couldn't come up with a good way to make this work. Hopefully you know of a way to do this And thanks for responding soo quickly.
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