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  1. Could you please keep us posted on this testings? We would need this solution asap.
  2. On the other side that's true. But in this case I, as the owner, can say it was the decision of the user and the admin was not aware of it but caching all images by script it was definitely my intension to do so. In the meantime here in our country admins are only responsible for problems if they are aware of issues. So here it might be a difference. Anyway I understand you and I'm just asking how I could eliminte this issue. But I think I can't.
  3. Sorry Andy, but here in Europe it might be different. Some courts said that having an image on my server (even as cache) is "some sort of" owning it. Unfortunately. But it could be different depending on the location and country.
  4. That was my point. At the moment all pages are login pages and from Googles point of view they need to be within a SSL page. So we need a feature to replace the pulldown with a link to the ssl login page. Then there is no need to have the complete forum ssl-ed. Thanks. I already found this setting but I'm a little bit concerned about the copyright issue. If I cache those remote images that they are on my server (from technical point of view) and this could cause troubles.
  5. Unfortunately that's what I assumed. ? Thanks, opentype. So I have to run some replace queries in mysql to get rid of this mixed content warnings. But what about the external pics?
  6. Hello, now we have to think about enabling SSL because Google Chrome starts to show warning messages beginning in Jan 17 for all pages which have a login (PW form). This is the case for almost all forum pages. ? https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2016/10/avoid-not-secure-warn Here in the forum I read a lot of topics about SSL and that it will cause many mixed-content warnings. Normally it should be no problem running the standard pages in http because our forum (and I think most the forums out there) have nothing special which needs encryption. Is it possible to use SSL for standard logins only? I don't mean the acp login. I'm talking about the member login. I know that there is a "SSL for login only" setting in acp but this doesn't affect the member logins. There must be a feature to replace the login pulldown in the forum header with a link to the SSL login page. Is there any built-in feature to do this`? Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Please @Lindy bring back the checkbox for the first post. I don't know what the reason why the first post can't be merged with any other post. We would need this feature very often.
  8. Hello team, please bring a block with the top entries of any of the leaderboard settings. This could be set by the block settings.
  9. Hello @Adriano Faria, your plugin works perfectly. Thanks again. But could you please change the permission management away from a rewoke system to an allowed system, like the standard ipb permission system? Otherwise it is almost impossible to grant leaderboard access only to specific groups, especially when they are part of secondary usergroups. This would be great!
  10. Emojis are not special characters or images, they are standard characters like normal letters. That means they can also be used for URLs. I know it looks odd but doesn't cause any problems. Don't worry.
  11. Thanks but guests still have access to the leaderboard. --- Update: Sorry, didn't see the screenshots before. ... checking it again.
  12. Yes, it is. So you can only enable/disable both.
  13. It looks like that we can not restrict. Yes Marius. ? I don't know how to optimize and test the leaderboard as an admin without giving guest access. Yes I can hide the menu item. But that's not really a restriction. I have to test the performance first. We have a huge amount of posts starting 15 years ago. That's a long "all time" query. ? ips, please add something to restrict access to this area!
  14. But "modified on the current version" means that these templates are new/modified by ips on the current version? So I have to go through all those "modified on the current version" files to do the template-comparison and see if the template is out of date? Or do I misunderstand anything?
  15. Thanks Taman but am I right that this feature will only show me the templates which have been modified from ips officially on the current version but it won't show me templates which are being modified by me in a previous version and are not up to date?
  16. Thanks @Martin A., this might be the problem. We have some modifications in globalTemplate. General question, how can I check which templates are not up to dates due to some modifications? Didn't find a feature like "show out-dated templates". --- Update: Yes, it was the problem. Thanks again.
  17. Yes I have and I tried it on FF, Chrome and Safari. No bar.
  18. Really? I didn't find a setting regarding the leaderboard.
  19. Hi, how can I restrict the access to the leaderboard? I don't want guests to access it. How can I enable the leaderboard only for specific user groups? I didn't find any setting in user groups.
  20. Hi, we just upgraded our test system to .17 and activated the ToS-bar but we can not see it. We opened the site in guest mode and also in privacy mode. No bar is being shown. When does it come up?
  21. Would be great to have a switch for disabling those massive timespan queries.
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