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  1. I have made a very simple plugin for IP.Gallery (4.0.0 RC7a) and with Theme Hook tried to add a class to some <ul> list. But, when I went to that IP.Gallery page, the class wasn't there. After that I have tried to insert anything with Theme Hook into DOM, but nothing appers. What's the deal? Does anybody know?
  2. The thing is that I need some customization. For example, ga('send', 'pageview');ga(‘set’, ‘&uid’, );​I need to send to google analytics userID, so it I like this System > Site Features > Community Enhancements > Google Analytics, but it won't work for PHP
  3. I have been trying to solve this problem for an hour, and it's supposed to be a very simple one: Add custom javascript tracking code from external service that is not Google AnlyticsI have tried with plugins, nope... Is there a simple way to do this?
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