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  1. Hello friends, ever since updating to IPS - my Apache Error Log has been continuously throwing the following errors: PHP Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: IPS\\core\\Statuses\\Status::$containerNodeClass in /home/forums/public_html/system/Content/Comment.php on line 1246 This error is flooding the logs, but does not seem to impact the board at all. Any ideas?
  2. Tried the contact field/signature field, and it didn't render for me personally.
  3. It seems when upgrading, that it didn't install any of the IPS plugins for CKEditor, after adding the new widget file, this appeared: 1C120/9 The plugin does not appear to be valid. Make sure that you have extracted the plugin correctly and uploaded it as a single folder without a containing folder. The folder you uploaded should contain a plugin.js file. This states that I need "lineutils", but, same problem as the Widget one, it's invalid for this install. Weird. So, I guess I need to go down the line and just add them all and their newest version until it's fixed.
  4. Reset the toolbars, still noticing the error appearing. Noticed these folks had the same error appear, but not how they fixed it... Moreover, exact same resource not loading/failing to load. After trying to "add" the button widget, the error "1C120/9 The plugin does not appear to be valid. Make sure that you have extracted the plugin correctly and uploaded it as a single folder without a containing folder. The folder you uploaded should contain a plugin.js file."
  5. In the past, yes, however, they have been entirely uninstalled and I've reset the editor entirely, so there would be no plugins installed.
  6. Awkwardly enough, it just started appearing again. All my wat... Edit: or not, only appearing in statuses now. Hrmm
  7. http://forums.ttsgamers.com/ Thanks for your quick responses thus far, tried the ol "reboot" of everything, no dice. Tried uninstalling everything, no dice. Barebones, no plugins/apps, still won't appear. Anywhere.
  8. Have already done that. Editor still won't appear. Utilizing the most basic of themes, no settings, no plugins, it simply will not come up.
  9. After upgrading to the latest version, the editor will no longer open/work. I've tried utilizing multiple editor skins, adding buttons, etc, trying different themes, disabling all of my plugins, and the editor still will not pop up. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is my only option to reinstall?
  10. Well, here's an update: CloudFlare support is actually pretty helpful. Very succinct and generally great.IPS Support provided me the host-name I needed.My hosting provider is great too!However, none of those things mattered. Randomly, this afternoon, the prompt asking for my license key disappeared without any action on my part. I don't even know anymore...
  11. This is what I presumed as well - however, CloudFlare is amongst the only changes I have made in the past few days, the other being clearing the cache via the "something isn't working right utility." Tried all of this, unfortunately nothing. Thanks for the tips guys. Guess I just have to wait for CloudFlares incredibly slow support (despite having a pro account), IPS' average-time support, and my hosting providers incredulously slow support. No complaint if they get it fixed though, haha =)
  12. As far as I am aware, yes. I went through the user guide that was emailed to me upon signup, and everything appears to be in working order. On my end, things have improved - the only issue I am having is in regards to my server attempting to contact the IPS License Server.
  13. Hello everyone, Recently I switched to CloudFlare from the recommendation of my server host. Upon doing so, however, my license key dropped off the board and it's now impossible for my board to contact the IPS licensing servers. Has anyone else who is on CloudFlare experienced this issue? Is there a way for me to fix this. I do have a support ticket in, but thought maybe reaching out to the community would see a little help.
  14. Hey everyone, I'm having a problem where Administrators, as well as all of my user groups cannot use the search functionality pertaining to the "members" function. All other search features appear to work, but when anyone attempts to search for users, Error Code: EX-100 appears. I'm probably missing something very obvious, but can't see it, so any help is appreciated.
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