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  1. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Hey anyone else look at this? We are thinking about going to Xenforo if we cannot find anyone to port this or create something close to it. We have been on IP Board / Invision since 2002. I really hate to drop it but the pick em is not going to work on the latest version and I cannot seem to get this upgraded so I can move to the latest version of IPB. Where as there is a custom mod on xenforo software that does this exact thing this one did. Even offering to pay doesn't seem to be getting much traction. I think there have been enough of us who bought this before that if we pooled our funds together we could get this going or get someone interested.
  2. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Yeah now if we had a team to go with it. Anyone look at the mod more and see if we could port this over to IP Board current version?
  3. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Here's ours... Our website
  4. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    I am... This is for my vol website
  5. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Daniel Thanks! I really need to transfer up to IP board 4 but cannot without this, I have the files. Also to protect the original developer maybe just look on my site and see how it works,,,, might be able to create your own version. There were some bugs in this.like no sidebar block for the standings and no automatic notifications
  6. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Willing to pay at least 200.00 myself to add this or port this to the latest version of IP Board
  7. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    I also have the files for the install if anyone would like to pick this up or create one like it. Can pay
  8. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Putting this back to top again. I can't upgrade to latest version of ip board until this is upgraded. Can anyone port this over? Can provide my site for the settings if someone needs to look at it
  9. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Looks like it. Shame. Then again no help on the 3.4 version at all. Kind of ticked
  10. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Thanks why cannot I edit my posts?
  11. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    OK I hadnt seen a response but it isnt just the width of the drop downs. The drop downs arent showing anything. I got the box to widen myself. I then just click in the box and then save it and then the teams shows up. I give up. I have to add bowl weeks and that is like 30 games. Something is broke. Not sure what. The drop downs are empty. I click on them though and then save then go back and there is a team there. . So here is my admin credentials can you please fix this?
  12. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    anything? Maybe we should PM and give you the Admin CP. Some things are boinky. I also found that the reminder doesn't send out either for the deadline.
  13. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    I am sorry this is confusing to me. There is like over 6 places that say just <select Which ones? They all say <select name= so which?
  14. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Is anyone supporting this? I just added a week and went to add the games and now the drop down is narrow and I cannot see the teams at all. It was fine for the first 3 weeks and now this just popped up. What gives?