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  1. Mike has been developed already three plugins for my community board. He created exactly what i asked... even more. I'm 100% satisfied with the results. Would highly recommend.
  2. @Faqole "This file is not currently available for purchase." Why? 😞
    If you are looking for a cryptocurrency getaway plugin then this is what you are looking for!
    I'm not getting spam anymore! Thanks a lot!
  3. @Adriano Faria Hey man! Is this only for guests? Would be cool for if we can select other user groups also. Cheers
  4. Yeah, right! But i don't use bad words, weirdo..
  5. This is an auto corrector or something like that? Im so confused..
  6. Some css fixes: Add to css: .ipsRichEmbed .ipsRichEmbed_header a.ipsRichEmbed_openItem { color: #fafafa !important; opacity: 0.2; } iframe[data-embedcontent] { border: none !important; border-radius: 0; } .ipsRichEmbed { background: #121214; } I don't know why you added these line..I removed. /* .ipsLayout_noBackground:before { content: ''; opacity: 0.6; width: 100%; height: 100%; position: absolute; top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; background: transparent; } */
  7. Anyway in last 20hrs 0 topic deleted so far. Okay, I'll wait longer
  8. Hi, I want to delete all topics that are older than 2555 days. What im doing wrong here? Thanks
  9. Hey man! How the Slider "Forum posts" works? It shows me nothing when i set https://imgur.com/a/lS5jS4M Thanks!
  10. Yo @Veilon Enable Images Icons - now working after uploaded my custom icons, just blank place Enable Layout Row Max Width (px) - not working data-pageApp='forums' data-pageModule='forums' data-pageController='index' - missing from body tag
  11. Lovely features! Thumbs up!
  12. @R-023 what is your screen dimensions?
  13. Hello, guys!

    I will update Lagoon theme very soon. Sorry for delay, i was traveling a lot.

    1. Bluto


      Great news!  Looking forward to the update.

  14. Finally on IPS! Electronic Dance Music Community https://cllv.in/
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