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  1. Hi @Rikki - Should I raise a ticket for this issue instead?
  2. Just to provide some additional feedback on this issue 1. I have tried logging on using different community user accounts. The error still occurs using a different community user account. 2. This was happening before the recent app update, and continues after the update 3. I have tried deleting the app, reinstalling and the problem still persists. 4. I don’t have this problem using other communities on the app
  3. That'd be great, its www.caymanoc.com Thanks @Rikki 🙂
  4. I'm running the beta of the app in IOS and I'm having trouble accessing forums from the main forum list, if I click on a sub-forum from the list the app issues 'error' and closes the community. I can access threads from the main page quite ok.
  5. I can access and view your community on the app, so I wonder its an admin user related issue..?
  6. so, after a very helpful guide from @SF_Ronin I’ve managed to get my community up and running and logged in fine. I’m on IOS It’s a bit buggy, I can’t access forum threads from the main list, I receive an error and the app closes and returns to the main list of my communities. I can access topics and threads from the featured items on the home page though. Commerce appears to work as do subscriptions and custom built pages. Looks smart, haven’t tested notifications though. Update: mobile notifications don’t appear to be working.
  7. You're an absolute star, thank you very much - I'd never have figured that out!!
  8. My community has been approved for the mobile app, but which app should I download. The icon in the ACP links to Test Flight the Apple Store, which is fine but I don't have a developer invite to use it.. confused..
  9. Having the same issue, I'm on a cloud plan though. My theme adjustments are not showing up.
  10. Yes pretty much! I ended up with a completely un-coloured forum, no styling to speak of - very odd
  11. The theme editor isn't working correctly, if you apply your own colours and font etc then it screws up the formatting completely. What is wrong with that? I'm not running any other themes, plugins or apps.
  12. Hi, some of my members have pointed out that the map markers are displaying their full address and post code details to all other members and this is a serious privacy concern! How do I switch this off?
  13. Great little widget this! Is there a way to paginate pages, so if you have say 6 videos showing, but say 24 in a youtube playlist, you can scroll through several pages as videos are added to the playlist or channel?
  14. Ahhh ok! SO now I suppose I need to keep the page somewhere hidden and then make my new home page my real home page (or landing page) Thanks for explaining that, to an amateur! 👍
  15. So i've tried that already, but the superblock won't work on the new page until I then insert the database block to the new page..
  16. I'm struggling to use super blocks for my database on my home page. If I remove the database block, the superblock block that feeds from that database will not show any records. If I leave the database block on the page then both superblocks and database work, but I then have duplication of records on that page. How can I point my database to this page but hidden so that superblocks works? Thanks 🙂
  17. Hi, keen to try this app but wanted to check if it's compatible with 4.4? Thanks
  18. Have PM'd you details Martin
  19. Hi, Following the recent update all of my member markers are white rather than the various member group colours they are set to. I have checked this in the APC and the colours are still set correctly, but the member map is not showing them. They markers are barely visible on the maps now because of this. Can't seem to find a setting to change this. http://www.caymanoc.com/membermap/ Thanks Nick
  20. It was a plugin!!! You're a star! Thank you
  21. Well i've fixed the issue with the articles. The header I can't figure out, i've looked for the code you mentioned above but nothing obvious to me. Adding the second code to custom.css hasn't worked. I haven't added any code to your theme
  22. I'm also having problems with the Different Article Styles too, doesn't look anything like your demo page. If I add as a block it looks perfect, but clicking on the article doesn't open a new page just a refresh of the same page. Help!!
  23. Hi, I already have it set to 'fixed' but it doesn't make a difference. I have re-installed the theme but that doesn't help. My website is www.caymanoc.com if that helps Thanks
  24. hi, my top nav bar is a solid colour and not transparent like the demo version. Is there a setting I can't find somewhere? Thanks
  25. I can do that yes...I don't know how though? (sorry!)
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