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  1. Awesome I will purchase another forum for a different community soon when I do I hope this will be available for ips4. I will definitely buy it right away. I hope it has at least the options I've mentioned above
  2. This is a great idea that just popped into my head I think many people will like this mod/add-on Its to allow for a banner for each forums and sub-forum. Meaning you click on a forum/sub-forum and it will take you to threadbit. and on that threabit will be the banner. it can be just a static banner (just an image) or it can hyperlink we can also change the size (length and width/height) -- this is important And have the option to hyperlink it meaning the banner can have a link in it which can redirect it to somewhere else isn't this a great idea??!! If a mod/add-on like this is made I will definitely buy it like so
  3. Is there a step by step process of backing up on Hostgator? When backing up, do you set Backup Destination to Home Directory? which one do we need to back up? home directory or MySQL databases?
  4. ​i see then i won't do it if you ever find out how to completely remove it then please let me know thanks for your help
  5. ​but like you said if I do this and then I update, it will be gone again right?
  6. I don't get this but if there really is no other way to completely remove it in CSS then it's fine
  7. ​I know there's nothing wrong with using description, but no I don't want to use it update: this last code I changed 150 to 0 and it decreased it by half. But the other half is still there
  8. ​I changed it to 10 but it still very tall. it actually didn't even decrease half its original height! And I thought that space belonged to forum Description, but even when I added a description, that space WAS STILL THERE! so clearly it belongs to some other factor I really would like to remove it
  9. ​That worked. Thanks errr..how about this? (how to remove this spacious space or at least reduce its size? (see below)
  10. ​Thank you it works on (Forum Layout) Traditional List but NOT on Grid View anyway to get it to work on grid view?
  11. I wanna remove the section in forumhome that shows the recent topic title, by user, and the time (as shown below)
  12. anyway to move Insert Other Media up. It's too troublesome having to scroll down to insert an image
  13. how to put widgets/blocks to left side instead of right or top/bottom
    Simply the best add-on here for me. Exactly what I wanted and needed
  14. an add-on i want to install says i need to upload content to IPS root folder where is this at? which one do I go to? see attach
  15. ​REALLY REALLY don't care much for tags as I don't use it Prefixes however could increase the appeal of a forum and I find it to be much more important hope someone makes a strictly prefix add-on
  16. -- don't know where this belongs, but here is an idea I think people will want I just found out that tags and prefixes are practically one in the same. I though prefixes had its own feature like in Vbulletin where you can simply create prefixes and even assign different colors to them perhaps someone can create an add-on? one where you can create as much prefixes as you want, set which groups can use it and which forums can it be used in, change color and even have its own image so upon creating a topic, the creator can simply select one of the pre-created prefixes For example for a gaming forum, one prefix could be PS4 or PS3 or even Sony to cover both PS4 and PS3 for a general, non-specific topic --- Reason behind separating tags and prefixes is that tags you have to type them in, whereas with prefixes you can simply select from a drop-down menu...so it's a bit quicker the current setup now is if one wants to create prefixes, they would need to create a defined set of tags, but again the user will still need to type it in
  17. ​Ahh so its not its own entity? like in VBulletin, it has its own prefixes where you can simply create them and even assign different colors IPB doesn't have something like that? perhaps that's an add-on worth creating thank you for this information though
  18. ​These are great addition to this plugin Also would be nice if each tab has a separator or some sort (so you'd know which tab you're in
  19. It says "Prefixes are special tags which display in front of the title. You can control which members can use prefixes from Group Settings" but where can I add or edit these prefixes?
  20. do you have plugins/add-ons installed? probably they are causing problems with the new upgrade
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