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  1. As I am understanding correctly you would like to have google login two times? Maybe to manage multiple google accounts or multiple accounts for you community with one google account?
  2. Boomer12


    Please attach images with the internal attachment system directly in the editor on the site. Have you checked the forums permission? As I made my import from Burning Board 4.1 to IP.B 3.4 and immidiate upgrade to IP.S 4.1, I needed to set the permissions for the usergroups. You can do so if you go to the administratin control panel, choose Community and then Forums. Just check the permissions for the categories and then for the forums. I've attached a screenshot of this.
  3. Okay, great. Have fun with your new board
  4. Approx. you can get it for a cheap price, but not for free.
  5. Yep, really cool, already added it to my menu
  6. Stuttgarter Fernsehturm reopened a few days ago...really great view from there
  7. Great community here, thanks for your engagement regarding the members list :D

  8. We will see how cool the solution that Adriano will provide is and then everybody can decide himselfs
  9. Found the error, I think this happened after importing data from WBB and upgrading to IP.S 4.1...fixed now.
  10. Yes, I understood that, too, but I isn't a big problem for me...even if there would be a plugin which brings a members list I am unsure if I need this or not...
  11. Hi, shouldn't there be a separator between Location and the content (Stuttgart)?
  12. Experiencing this 'problem' here, but it isn't me 300$ worth...maybe 5-10$ to get a great members list....but then it needed to be really great so I can filter after names, ages, interests, etc.
  13. Sounds interesting, but I think the solution mentioned above is good for me, cause it looks great and has all information I need.
  14. Works fine for me here, too. Maybe you deleted the attachments when you ran cron tasks (if they aren't linked to a content, they would be removed after a amount of time).
  15. You can take a look in the ACP (in the general settings), there is a feature liket that already implemented:
  16. So it looks like this? https://jacboy.com/search/?&type=core_members&joinedDate=any
  17. I don't want to copy the whole forum, only the permissions.
  18. I want to have in the frontend with all members registred in the system just like that.
  19. Yeah, but it's already deleted. This is my problem..
  20. How did you came to IPS as a staff member and what's your position and tasks? :D

    1. Jim M

      Jim M

      Became a IPS staff member by being awesome ;) . I'm a Support Tech mainly but help out everywhere.

    2. Boomer12


      Haha :D I will open a support ticket now regarding my problems with the friendly URLs

  21. There is no custom admin directory, cause I didn't touched this. It's still /amin. I found the problem: It was the .htaccess file in the root folder which contains redirection URLs for /IPS for the friendly URLs. Deleted it - how can I disable the friendly URLs setting in the database?
  22. Hi, is there an option to enable a members list page as we know that from all the other board softwares? Couldn't find any information about this in the menu manager.
  23. Okay, I've just moved it and changed the URL in the config file and uploaded this again. The system works great in the frontend, but the ACP still redirects to /IPS/admin, but there is no htaccess or rewrite rules for that. Is there something like a cache in the filesystem that needs to be cleared to get suite running again. EDIT: brings me 500er error in the admin interface lol
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