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  1. Your site is very big and you'll exceeding the SQL slowly but steady. As I am not sure if there is something like elasticsearch for IP.S 4, please contact support team or wait for another customer reply in the thread.
  2. Did you tried clearing the cache? Can be done on the support page in the ACP.
  3. I am sure that he gets notified automatically because it is his suppott thrrad and also he wrote a few posts here. Spaming with mentions doesn't speed up
  4. Maybe you just hide them and write a conversation to the user and give him the information that he can re-sync his profile picture on the facebook 3rd party login page in the account settings?
  5. There is a general "Rebuild search index" option in the administration control panel under "System" --> "Content Discovery" --> "Search" which can rebuild all entries for the search system. Furthermore, you can use the "Support" option in the ACP and use "Something isn't working correctly" to re-create the cache. This would maybe help. If not, please consider contacting the IPS support (can be done within the Support page in the administration control panel, too).
  6. Yep but currently there is no plugin for this (I don't know one) and this is the easiest way (you don't need to build a plugin and can adjust it in phpMyAdmin easily).
  7. The simplest method is to change it directly in the database. Is saved as an unix time stamp which can be converted here: http://www.unixtimestamp.com/
  8. Really great community here. Would you ship that into the marketplace? Or would it be denied cause of quick&dirty implementation?
  9. Yep, they need to make a hard limit with minimum 3 characters, cause when it's lower, MySQL can't find them
  10. Yep, that's what I set, too.
  11. Could you please provide a link to your site?
  12. Could you please provide a link to your site?
  13. The correct URL is this: https://yoursite.com/applications/core/interface/task/web.php?key=your-cron-key-is-visible-in-the-admin-control-panel
  14. At the moment, there is no minimum username length setting, but I created a feature request here:
  15. Please add the capability to control how long a username needs to be minimum.
  16. I am a customer of all-inkl and I needed to use the web cron option. Then I added the URL to the cronjob section in the hosting control panel. What is your hosting environment?
  17. There's the same problem as internal backup methods in IP.B 3.x --> it would probably ran into an timeout after a defined amount of time.
  18. For example, I am using SequelPro on my Mac for accessing the database (a few months ago I've wrote an customer area system for my clients and it has no admin panel - managed everything with SQLPro), you could probably do backups with this, too (didn't tested it). Note: Access from outside to the SQL server is needed, could be a security issue in some networks. Please consider your adminstrator.
  19. Theoretical you're right, but the script doesn't know when it will be killed. The only great method to create backups is to export them on the SQL console or use specialised software like the MySQLDumper (wouldn't be customized for PHP 7 - development has been stopped end of Jan.).
  20. Yep, no problem, if there is anything else I can help you with, just mention me.
  21. Hi, I am using a Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen. as my primary mobile device of course I really like to browse the IPS forums with this. Cause this is a HD device, it should be able to display retina smilies (as it does in the blog here), but in the forums, it doesn't. In the second screenshot taken from the blog you could definetly see the retina smilies. Does anyone have this issue, too?
  22. You could probably fix that with a few lines of magic SQL, but I don't know how
  23. There is definetly something wrong with your IP.S installation, please consider the support or somehting else who is more practicable with SQL, etc. Does normal member have the possibility to use source code (HTML)?
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