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  1. Could you describe us how you did that?
  2. Yep, but within the next release, bulk mail preview will be added to the core. Please take a look here:
  3. Any chance that this could be changed?
  4. For backups please check this: If you just want to adjust the URL you dont ned to backup it.
  5. The Attachments are hosted on an FTP Server which is currently Not available or with wrong credentials. Please check this.
  6. Are you using HTTPS, images loaded with HTTP only? What about the image settings within the ACP? (Theres an Option called external images and some thing about caching These) It might be helpful if You Can Provide us a Link to your Site.
  7. Please go to your Client area and check the license URL. It needs to be with https too. Thats a Problem that really sucks, but if you need to adjust it, Just Open a Ticket and the Support Can assist you
  8. Sorry, I don't understand the question. Could you explain it further and maybe add some screenshots?
  9. Please check the user group permissions.
  10. Just Basic Information like Name, User who Posted it and maybe time and Date when it was created without showing the content?
  11. No problem, that's why we have this forums
  12. Boomer12

    Light Blue

    This is the support thread for the following file: It's my first attempt to build a light and good looking theme with the theme builder and I think for the first version, it looks very good. I will improve it during the time and update the file above when it's ready. I am happy to gain feedback from you how you would rate the theme and what you want to improve. Let me know and we will see what I can do. Compatibility This theme has been built and tested with IP.S (Forums) version4.1.13.2 I will continue testing and update this information after the release of a new version of IP.S License Free for usage in all kinds of communities, even for commercial usage. You are allowed to modify the theme, if you modification don't break the main theme charakteristik. If you have any questions, let me know.
  13. I recommend to just try this out. There's nothing big that can be broken.
  14. Hey, welcome to the IPS forums. Please do the following. Go to the Administration Control Panel and choose Members -> Member Settings -> Notifications and take a look if there are some options for notifications for the support system. Further, please go to your own notification settings and activate the options you may found in the ACP. Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you.
  15. Could you please provide me an user account to you site so I can take a look? I only have the forums. The usual link for creating a new stream is https://yourcommunity.com/discover/?do=create.
  16. What exactly did you tried to do?
  17. Could you please provide the solution and maybe change the thread title to something more accurate than need help? Would be great because other newbies could use the search function to find this.
  18. I would recommend this for both hosted files and redirections to external sites!
  19. You may do it like this. Moderators and administrators should click on it and it would be displayed.
  20. Further, it would be great if when I attach an image and don't embed it into the content, it should stay in the attachments corner and displays under the content, not automatically attach it at the end of the topic.
  21. Maybe just stack the toolbar items in the editor into multiple lines if the adminsitrator wants? Dropdown menu doesn't feel natural for this. Know that from Burning Board, too. Looks like this: yep yep yep yep
  22. Hey guys, I am a newcomer from Burning Board 4.1 to IP.S and I am really happy here. I have some ideas how to improve the image resizing options in the IP.Suite that may be great for all of us. Currently, you only have the options to change the alignment and the image size with two input fields. This is great if you want to do this more than one time, because the image should fit perfectly into your content (blog post, forum post, shop item description, etc.). I was a long time user of Burning Board and what I really miss here is the feature to adjust the size of images how I want, really quick. Let me give you an example. My idea: Add the feature you've seen above to the image adjustment settings (we know this from many things like Photoshop and even Microsoft Word or Pages) / the editor, but please keep the options we have now. A combo with both is really great and I am sure many users would love it. It's really great if you have long content paragraphs to make the image fit perfectly into the content. Let me know, what you think!
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