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    This is something my fresh site was looking for, stands out and looks professional. Also, had a few little snags with getting it working at Taman was prompt in his support topic as well as prompt in helping out, not just a 'look at the steps and follow them', he came in and actually manually helped to get it working. Stellar service. Editable, easy to add an rss feed, and you can make it your own with a few cosmetic updates. If you're here looking at this plugin, wondering if it is worth it, yes - 100% Thanks Taman.
  1. Yee, I sent you a PM here with the information to come check it out when you're free.
  2. Maybe I'm not being exactly clear here. 1. When installing the plugin, nothing shows up on the site - no ticker bar. 2. When setting up the block, and following your directions using the correct name and using the correct code, nothing shows up on the site. 3. I have checked over the simple rules multiple times, made sure I copied and pasted the correct thing multiple times. Now, here are the questions. - Is their something I need to change within that code block template for rss? - Should the ticker be showing on my site without me setting it up? - Would you like to come aboard and see if I'm just a noob and i'm overlooking something? Right now, there is a rss block on top of my page. What I did was, edited this information, followed the steps, and then moved the rss block to the page to see if RSS was working. RSS is working, links are populating (news), but there is. no. ticker. Any help would be appreciated as I do believe this will be a nice addition to my new site, which is why I paid for it. haha.
  3. So - if I go in and throw the custom block on my page, it will create a block with the feed from the site, but there is no ticker. Its just a block - I've created RSS blocks before, the reason I bought this widget plugin was because I like the idea of the rss scrolling. But like I said, nothing is populating like it does on your website. I attached 2 photos. One shows no ticker, even when following the steps, 2nd shows if I add the custom block to the page.
  4. Seems I did something wrong. I uploaded the plugin - added RSS with the simple instructions, but nothing shows up on site.
  5. I have already put a support ticket in - no response, which is unusual as IPS is usually fast with their work. But...is anyone else dealing with a blank screen when loading your site/forums? Safari says it is a server issue - I've tried troubleshooting just about everything on my end, I can't even connect through FTP.
  6. ​You're a savior! Thank you so much - I wish I could hug you for your effort!
  7. Still looking for assistance on this topic. I see that it has made it to the 2nd page.
  8. I tried searching these forums and google for the past hour for the answer to my question, but can't seem to find it. It would seem almost everything we can do on IPB 4.0 is customizable for permission/group sets, but I cannot seem to find a way to set up permissions for the Status Update feed. So basically - guests to my forums can see the status update feed and I don't want them to be able to see it unless they are a member to the forums on a certain mask. The forums are for gaming (alliances) so things here and there are opsec. or should be hidden from certain guest views. Is this possible?
  9. itshoshua


    Awesome that worked Jose! 1. Is their a way to remove everyones credits all at once? Like a mass deletion or reset? 2. Is their a way to make it so that certain groups can't receive credits at all?
  10. itshoshua


    ​ Ok so update. I actually found these in the admin cP area - I just don't know how to empty them now
  11. itshoshua


    ​Is there any way you can tell me how to do this? I'm a noob, you've helped before through PM system here....which was awesome, I just don't want to mess something up.
  12. itshoshua


    ​Thank You . As far as my other issue, is it not resolvable until this feature is added? As of right now I still cannot change the lottery schedule, still says January 31st.
  13. itshoshua


    let me rephrase that. yes, there was 1 ticket purchased. However, I am not sure how to remove tickets from a member NOR do I know how to remove all credits from a member.
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