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  1. It's annoying...Don't know. I do not use IPB anymore but was wondering about that.
  2. I am sure anyone who has downloaded and installed it has gotten that notice "dangerous php functions enabled"...
  3. Has that dangerous php function problem been fixed?
  4. Don't worry about it I just won't use it! Just won't buy anymore themes from you. Well looks like its back to Xenforo. Ripped again...
  5. I am not paying $5.00 for a logo change!! Not happening sorry...I need to change the logo and the background on the logo the entire thing. I knew I would get ripped.
  6. I cannot edit a .psd file that's the reason I need to delete the entire header background and put up my own.......
  7. OK I bought it but I cannot get the background on the header changed..
  8. Thanks..Been wanting to get it...Now I will.
  9. I would find it even more impressive if I could figure out how to edit the footer. Never mind this...I figured it out...Is a great theme though.
  10. Its not when you live paycheck to paycheck....$15 may come easy for a lot of you but it does not for me. Thank you for the refund I appreciate it.....Will take what you said in consideration with respect to the url change next time.
  11. I agree with the Op and thats the very reason I do not use IPB anymore its just collecting dust.
  12. Heres mine I just started: http://www.forteandigest.com/forum/
  13. Hi....I tried to use this and all the titles disappear in the admin panel? Its white on white and I cannot see anything. It seems to happen when I make it the default theme.
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