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  1. When I run an e-mail test I get this: IPS\Email\Outgoing\Exception: email_test_mailfunction_disabled (0) Am I missing something?
  2. How do I disable this...If your logged out of the forum it still lets you post with an e-mail address and I don't want that...
  3. Yep does it on the default theme as well.... I have not messed with any of that cause I do not know what I am doing when it comes to that...I got one other thing I will try and get back to this thread shortly. OK...I had placed an Advertisement below the header, I removed it and things went back to the way they were...I don't know what the Advertisement had to do with it.
  4. All of a sudden the blocks I had on the forum have started showing up at the bottom of the forum instead of to the right! When I go to add blocks to the right there is no place to add them.
  5. That would good if I had a $100 to spend on it...Nothing is cheap when it comes to IPB they think a lot of this stuff.
  6. Ok I will give you that one..All I have is IPB Forum...Now just got to figure out how I can use it, when I do I will buy it.
  7. Yeah what you don't say is that you have to have a $1000 worth of add ons installed in order for it to work
  8. Is there a portal for IPB?
  9. It's annoying...Don't know. I do not use IPB anymore but was wondering about that.
  10. I am sure anyone who has downloaded and installed it has gotten that notice "dangerous php functions enabled"...
  11. Has that dangerous php function problem been fixed?
  12. Where do I find the member ID Number?
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