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    The messages module provides a way to style informational messages to bring something to the user's attention.
    To create a message, simply add the ipsMessage class to a container element (e.g. div), along with one of the message styles below. The message style class will automatically add the appropriate icon to your message box.
    Message styles
    Error - ipsMessage_error
    This is an error message. Success - ipsMessage_success
    This message indicates something happened successfully. Warning - ipsMessage_warning
    This message warns the user of something terrible (or not so terrible). Information - ipsMessage_info
    This message provides general information.  
    Message codes
    If you need to add a code to your message, such as an error number, you can do so using the ipsMessage_code class:
    <div class='ipsMessage ipsMessage_error'> <span class='ipsMessage_code'>12345</span> This is an error message. </div> 12345 This is an error message.  
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