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  1. Bump... Any mod knows how to add warning points in code?
  2. Hi guys, Does anyone knows or has a snippet to add a warning level increase ; so the php function to do this. Something like: $user->warninglevel(10); If you can point me to a library that would be great too. Cheers
  3. Hi Guys, Is there a way to purge cache or something. I added an additional external stylesheet to the index under themes, but the site does not update (not even with ctrl+f5) Anyone have an idea how to do this in IPboard4? Cheers
  4. ​Ok cool good to know, I'll fiddle around, cheers!!
  5. ​Super thanks a lot mate! I found this one also for the forumview (multiple topics) template code: data-rowID='{$row->$idField}' // in themes / forums / topicRowThanks again for the help!!
  6. I'm in both my theme templates as in an application that uses your code example. What I want to do is make sure that the topic someone views is actually send to the session so the external app sees it (going to fiddle a bit with ajax) In IPS3 i just did this by using something like session_start(); // in index.php ...... $_SESSION['topicid'] = isset($topic['tid']) ? $topic['tid'] : 0 ; // in the topicViewTemplate ips3 Not sure though if i can freely use sessions in ips4 as I could with ips3 or if it requires additional functions. (the native $_SESSION's array seem empty though so apparently it is not used)
  7. @IN10TION, thanks that works, although it mildly surprises me the code example from the documentation is wrong $member = \IPS\Member::loggedIn(); // this is very helpful thank you var_dump($member); Do you also happen to know where I could find other functions like this for for instance Topic data?
  8. I used exactly the code example given here but it returns a very generic error. "something went wrong,please try again." //2) Reading the Community Suite session /* Require the init.php file from the Community Suite root directory */ require 'init.php';// im in the exact same folder as init.php /* Initiate the session to verify who this user is */ \IPS\Session\Front::init(); // this line is causing problems it seems but puts out useless errors /* Print the user's name */ print \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->name; Is there a way to show more debugging messages or something? These messages are completely use less for debugging I'm in the exact same folder as init.php Would be very useful to know (i) how to extend the error message information, (ii) how to get this working.
  9. ​Thanks Ryan, I'll give that a try, cheers for your help mate!
  10. Hi guys sorry for the late reply, for some weird reason I wasn't able to log in here .. Seems the post is mildly hijacked in the meanwhile ​@Ryan, That seems to only work well for a simple variable. If I try to use this for an array (for instance The sessions array) I get an error. Whilst this was possible in IPboard 3, which proofed very useful for learning what is running etc. If anyone has a way to output an array ( the session array if possible, ) that would be super helpful! {{print_r($_somearray);}} // this doesn't work {$_somearray} // this doesn't work {{$output=$_somearray}} {$output} // this doesn't work all help is welcome The following works but is just so bloated...anyone any ideas? print_r would be of great help. {{$output = array(1,2,3);}} {{$new='';}} {{foreach $output as $key => $value}} {{$new .=$key.$value;}} {{endforeach}} {$new}
  11. I'm wondering how one would use php in a template, in version 3 it was just <php> </php> Anyone have more info/ an article on changes on parsing etc? this wont work: {{echo "hello";}}in fact if I do that nothing at all is displayed (encoding error) so it seems to break the site, although it is the way according to the docs: http://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/advanced-usage/development/template-logic-r73/
  12. look&feel > global template>add script
  13. Thanks you Rhett, I made at least one post about storing and retrieving session data. Posted in the ipboard forum (http://community.invisionpower.com/forum/311-ipboard/). The question still exists as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for any help @EDIT, my sincere apologies, it seems i failed to look propperly in my profile. It showed under activity no posts, but the left side menu solved it.
  14. Dear Staff, I'm quite surprised my posts on this forum are removed, can you please explain what and why this is happening? @edit: case closed, see post #3 Apologies
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