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  1. Make options, design (Localization and personal links) more example
  2. Great, images have appeared! Analogue problem in blogs
  3. Gallery images are not displayed
  4. Look in the mobile version of the site display in the blog - ok (https://lednews.lighting/blogs/entry/8348-ваше-личное-солнце-комфортный-естественный-свет/) display in the forum: https://lednews.lighting/topic/2453-ваше-личное-солнце-комфортный-естественный-свет/
  5. Hi. Please add fields: web: e-mail: tel.: Marker Information:
  6. How to increase online session time? can be deleted online session time?
  7. Hello! Required functionality: https://wordpress.org/plugins/image-lazy-load/ (Loads images within the main WordPress Page, Post or Custom Post Type content when each image is visible to the site visitor. This helps reduce load times, increase site performance and reduce server bandwidth by only loading images when they're truly needed.) The problem, page loading more than a minute, for example: http://lednews.lighting/topic/1141-профиль-для-светодиодной-ленты-виды-сравнение-led-профилей/ Thanks!
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