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    Paweł Mysłek reacted to newbie LAC in (NB40) Secondary Group Icons   
    Open the template core - global - plugins - nbSecGroupIconsPost
    Find and remove 
    and $icon = $memberGroups[$grOther]->g_icon Find 
    <img src='{file="$icon" extension="core_Theme"}' alt='{expression="$memberGroups[$grOther]->name"}' class='cAuthorGroupIcon'> change to 
    {expression="$memberGroups[$grOther]->formattedName" raw="true"} Profiles.
    Open the template core - global - plugins - nbSecGroupIconsProfile
    Find and remove 
    and $icon = $memberGroups[$grOther]->g_icon Find
    <img src='{file="$icon" extension="core_Theme"}' alt='{expression="$memberGroups[$grOther]->name"}'> change to 
    {expression="$memberGroups[$grOther]->formattedName" raw="true"}  
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    Paweł Mysłek reacted to a Chunk in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    I can confirm that this is possible.  You'll create a Points Mystery Box (you can name it whatever you want).
    Here are the settings options:

    You would set the Price to 0 (assuming you want it to be free.  You can set the minimum and maximum quantity of points that can be won.  You can set the win percentage (I assume you'd want to use the 'Everyones a winner baby' option.  And you can set the 'Purchase Time Delay' at 86400, which is how many seconds there are in one day.
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    Paweł Mysłek reacted to Adriano Faria in (NB40) Secondary Group Icons   
    You should send this info via PM. Anyone that knows your URL can access your ACP now. 
    I would edit the post to remove this. 
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    Paweł Mysłek got a reaction from Gaius Kong in Group format name   
    @Gaius Kong
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    Paweł Mysłek got a reaction from DawPi in REACTIONS GIVEN   
    What line do you need to add to postContainer, so that it would display.
    In the place as in the picture.

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    Paweł Mysłek reacted to Dean_ in Dark Theme Support   
    ACP > Themes > Edit Theme > Press the EDITOR tab > check ' Upload a new skin', and selec the file and upload.
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    Paweł Mysłek reacted to jcdesign in Xenon Landing theme support   
    Thanks for reporting this. It was my fault when doing the last update. Replace this in the html document. Replace this in Our Picks section:
    <h4><a href="{theme="section3_layout3_title_link"}">{theme="section3_layout3_title"}</a></h4> <p class="posted-on"><span>{theme="section3_layout3_date"}</span> {theme="section3_layout3_month"}</p> </div> <div class="entry-expert"> <p>{theme="section3_layout3_text"} <div class="post-readMore"> </div><div class="container3"> <a href="{theme="section3_layout3_button_link"}" class="btn-grad2 wow fadeInUp" data-wow-duration="1s" data-wow-delay="0.8s">{theme="section3_layout3_button"} This will be fixed to the next update!
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    Paweł Mysłek reacted to doc in KAMPO 1.3   
    Kampo 1.5
    - Fixed header error
    Kampo 1.6
    - Fixed template error
    @Paweł Mysłek check now!
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    Paweł Mysłek reacted to jcdesign in Xenon Landing theme support   
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    Paweł Mysłek reacted to batarjal in ThreadStarter: Movies   
    Dutch is available. Some movie descriptions might not be translated though, you can test it on the TMDb website. If it is available in dutch there it should also be available in the plugin.
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