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  1. Just to make sure, status updates don't count, right? At least on the forum that I use, members are encouraged to use status updates to post about stuff that isn't significant enough to justify a forum thread (eg. saying that they just got a new part for their computer or just randomly complaining about things), and if they increment post count, the people who already spam statuses which don't really contribute to the community (just allowing a conversation between their friends) will end up having even more inflated post counts. As for the main conversation, I think the change is a good idea. However, you already allow specific subforums to not increment post count, so surely it is logical to extend that to a specific app? If posts in Off Topic don't count towards the post count, why should we be forced to make random images that are uploaded to the gallery count? I think it's great that they can count, but I don't think they should have to count. Regarding your observation that reputation should be very significant, that is fine most of the time. However, aside from admin posts, the most liked post on the forum that I use, which has 355 likes, says That member has 24 posts. Surely they are less involved in the community than a member with 1000 posts and 200 likes? One of the other most liked posts is responding to an admin who reserved a couple of posts. It says That post, which is a joke post, has 222 likes. The posts below it, which are copying it, also have a significant number of likes. None of those posts contribute to the discussion in any way. I'm not to saying that likes aren't useful in gauging how much a member contributes to the forum, but they need to be combined with a relevant post count to give context. Unfortunately, your current system doesn't allow admins to chose what is relevant to post count and what is not, making it less useful. This system isn't a deal breaker, but it is certainly not ideal.
  2. ​Are all of the features on the feature plan intended for IPB4.1+, or might some of them end up being in 4.0.x (or even 4.0.0)? Some of the features that you've mentioned there look really cool (community moderation is a great idea if well implemented (I was certainly considering modding it in had you not put it on the road map) and content highlights will come in useful), and I'm interested as to whether we will be waiting months or years for some of them?
  3. Seriously IPS, on a live forum, how many people do you realistically expect to be using this feature given that you would be notified about every single thing the person that you follow does. On the forum that I use, I have members asking for status update notifications to be moved to their own separate notification list because they clog up their notification list (but they do still want to be notified about friends' status updates, just in a different way). Now how annoyed are these people going to be when they are notified about every single post that their friends make? Please just implement something like http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7233-follow-member-extra-options/ as default.
  4. I would submit this as a bug report, but as far as I can see you have to be logged into a client account to do that. I am unable to edit my profile cover picture on this site - when I click "Cover photo", I get the error "TypeError: appendTo is undefined" logged to the dev console from root_framework.js:1046:34. I am able to reproduce this issue in Firefox (37a2) and Chrome (40).
  5. Does anyone know if this sort of functionality would be fairly easy to implement as a plugin for IPB4, or whether it would require some fairly extensive redesigning of the core status update code?
  6. ​That is great, and a step in the right direction (though it should be standard in 4 IMO), but I'm more interested in being able to follow and unfollow specific status updates from a member, not just status updates in general. This feature was also lacking in 3.4. In addition, as far as I can tell, that plugin still doesn't allow you to mute comments on status updates - just mute status update notifications themselves. While I expect it or something like it will be implemented in the forum that I use, it still doesn't solve the problem that, to quote one of the members, "just sucks".
  7. As far as I can see, there doesn't appear to be any way to mute notifications of comments on a status update that you started or commented on, apart from globally disabling follow notifications (not just status update notifications, all followed content). This is something that a number of users on a site that I moderate have complained about, and I was hoping that issues like this would have been resolved in the process of completely rewriting the forum, but apparently not. Please, please add an option to follow and unfollow particular status updates so that you can learn about new replies if you are interested without needing to post a comment (this might be more useful for moderating a potentially hazardous status update), or not get spammed with notifications if you aren't interested in the ongoing discussion. Even if you do compile multiple comments into one notification while unread, there are a number of users on the forum that I moderate, myself included, who read notifications immediately when they come in, and getting a notification about every single comment on a status update is just a bad idea if they're not interested. Thanks, stomrdrive.
  8. @Kevin Carwile 's mod looks perfect, but we shouldn't need to resort to mods to fix issues like this. Please IPS, just implement something like this by default. On medium to large forums, there are very few people who want to be notified about every post that someone else makes, but it's entirely possible that people would want to be notified about status updates, new file uploads by a member, or new calender events. Please rethink your decision not to listen to the (quite considerable numbers of people) who have voiced opposition to these changes and either implement a mod like this as stock or at least do something to reduce the issue.
  9. On the forum that I am active on, a lot of members (especially the more active users) are attached to the Status Update feature. If friends can only be converted to followers, and you can't disable notifications about what the people you follow have posted (with some of the more active members regularly posting more than 20 posts per day in the sections that count posts (even more in the off topic sections)) without disabling notifications about threads that you have followed (they are very different things), a lot of members are going to be very annoyed. I urge you to reconsider your decision and just add an option to disable notifications when a member you follow posts something, while still leaving followed threads intact. Please.
  10. So with the friends-followers conversion, anybody who wants to be notified of status updates will also have to be notified of anything else that the user does on the forum? Doesn't sound like the best idea ever coming from a forum where some members regularly make more than 20 posts per day (top poster today is over 100 at the moment), and the same users are attached to their status updates.

    1. Luke Lafreniere

      Luke Lafreniere

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    2. Colonel_mortis


      Please tell me you can opt out of being notified about this?!

  11. OK so it looks like I clicked the "mark forum as read", which I still feel should have a confirmation prompt.
  12. The mark all read button is obviously incredibly dangerous, and shouldn't be clicked by accident. The absolute last place that I would expect to find that button is next to the "new topic" button. After seeing this and being very surprised, I clicked it, assuming that, given that it would give me a warning prompt asking me whether I wanted to perform such a dangerous action. Apparently, no. If you accidentally (or out of curiosity) click the link that is right next to the new topic button, you immediately and irreversibly mark the entire site as read. That really doesn't sound like very good UX design. Why not move it to the user menu (that you get when you click your username), and add a confirmation message to it for good luck, so people don't end up accidentally marking everything as read on a live site. It's still fairly easy to access, but it's also hard to trigger accidentally.
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