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  1. The "use" operator for namespace has to be used outside of functions and classes... You should start to use the full qualified class name, then you'll never run into such troubles:D
  2. You could add \IPS\IPS::$PSR0Namespaces['Pheal'] = \IPS\ROOT_PATH . '/system/3rd_party/phealng/vendor/3rdpartyeve/phealng/lib/Pheal/';to the constants.php
  3. You can find the sql toolbox on the ACP => System => Support page.
  4. Many bugs are found & fixed via tickets.
  5. Your paths seem to be wrong ( e.g. http://gsntransformationcentre.co.uk/gsntransformationcentre.co.uk/uploads/css_built_5/341e4a57816af3ba440d891ca87450ff_framework.css.e585b3203004a2892ed742c83f68ea5d.css?v=ad32979f5c ) If you're not able to fix this yourself via the storage settings, i would suggest to submit a ticket.
  6. Check the paths for your storage settings( ACP => System => Files => Storage Settings)
  7. Handled via ticket:) The problem is, that you can't run a simple upgrade on the block content, because ips4 is storing the compiled template in the datastore. If any body else needs this => the following code will delete the compiled template, which will force the rebuild on the next block usage \IPS\cms\Block::deleteCompiled($id)
  8. You can use the customizable post feed to show the recent replies.
  9. Looking now at this:) Feel free to set the critical flag the next time, if your page doesn't work.
  10. Daniel F


    Leave it where it is! It won't work outside of the suite root directory without a file modification!
  11. Try to remove your tracker code. It takes 38sec to load the files and one timed even out...
  12. You could check your error log (uploads/logs/latest.cgi)
  13. Please submit a ticket, i'll take a look a this.
  14. http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/core_acp_tab_order-tableschema-r5599/ :)
  15. It's stored as cookie and in the database, but looking at the code and the db structure, i think that we have a bug here.
  16. Run the support tools in your acp >system > support
  17. Do you see any js errors in the browser console? If yes, try to run the support tools in your acp ( ACP => System => Support Tools) If they don't fix it, submit a ticket please.
  18. He's talking about moderated content. It doesn't matter if it is a guest or a member, once you post something what needs to approved, you'll see the "no perm to view this" errormessage, which can be quite confusing. I agree, that itwould be user friendlier if the content creator would get a more informative message.
  19. community.invisionpower.com/4docs/knowledgebase/402-advertisements-show-in-wrong-locations-in-402-r113/
  20. You can't separate them. The phrases in IPS4 are global, you can use them in the front and backend.
  21. Thats interesting Could you please submit a ticket for further investigation?
  22. The plugin was fixed but won't correct the broken databases. @sijad any chance that you could include into a cleanup step into your plugin?
  23. Is this a custom style? The templates were changed in 4.0.2, so you'll probably need to fix this in your style.
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