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Entry Comments posted by Daniel F

  1. 1 hour ago, ahc said:

    I can't post a new topic in the help area.  I know I'm not a client, but I have active paid-for subscriptions to numerous plugins and apps, and I should still be able to have access to those and keep them updated on my site regardless of my status with Invision.

    We have changed this recently,



    We love feedback. And there's certainly been a lot based on the marketplace changes.

    We've made a change based on that feedback so that you can continue to access your paid for marketplace items even if your Invision Community renewal has lapsed.


  2. BTW, for all 3rd party devs... 


    Per Topic Post Approval
    The first is a way to cool down a heated topic without locking it. Right now you can put an entire forum on post-approval. This means that moderators must review and approve all new posts before they are allowed to be publicly displayed.

    This was implemented as a MetaData extension, meaning that you can utilise the feature in any of your apps 🙂

  3. 3 minutes ago, Monique DUFOURNY said:
    When we create an account with rest-api,
    an option should be offered to change the password at the first connection

    This will be possible with 4.5 🙂


     * @apiparam    string    password        Password (standard login handler only). If not provided, the member will be emailed to set one.


  4. 38 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

    We (those who make/update translations) need a tool that can tell us which new language bits was added between versions so we can update our translations easily and faster.

    The UNTRANSLATED filter isn't practical in this case because there are hundred of language bits that I (and a lot of people here) didn't translate (like countries, emoticons, etc) and they are there so it's a "false" positive in this case.

    There’s something in the pipeline for this.. 😉 

    I can’t promise that it will be interesting for everybody, but there were some huge improvements in the background which should make it easier. 

  5. On 4/21/2020 at 9:29 PM, kmk said:

    It translatable too? multilanguage need...

    thank for this continue improvements

    There's always "one more thing";) and here it is:D 



    Additionally, WYSIWYG Blocks have now been made translatable, so you can now create WYSIWYG blocks that will display their content in specific languages.


  6. 33 minutes ago, MMXII said:

    A huge step in the right direction! I love the fact that the Forum App is very powerful, but the software needs more flexibility regarding content creation in general. More CMS features (since the Forum App is already great). 🙂

    Back to the Page Builder Widgets: Maybe you want to add a WYSIWYG editor to the text area, which would make content creation a lot easier. And I hope those widgets can be displayed based on group permissions. Sadly you never clicked the visibility tab... Is that one for permissions?

    If you have the pages app, you can create blocks and set the visibility in the ACP while creating a block.

  7. 9 minutes ago, evcom said:

    I cannot not yet imagine all the great benefits it will have, but it looks really promising. Thanks, for the great job your doing every day. Looking forward to the 4.5 release. 

    Indeed. Only the available Zapier integrations and your imagination are the limit.

    It‘s also going to open another level of integrations via the available webhook Zapier integration 🥰



    2 minutes ago, Orioni said:

    How exactly will these images work? When selecting an free stock image from Pixabay, will it link back to the Pixabay website?

    I'm asking this because don't want to turn my posts into free advertising backlinks.

    Could you please elaborate? Thank you.

    Matt answer this already:)


    On 1/21/2020 at 10:08 AM, Matt said:

    Yes, they are treated as normal uploads/attachments. We are not permitted to hotlink the images.

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