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  1. @Mike John Not sure but the thumbnail grabber doesn't seem to work for me in 4.4
  2. You need to change the guest phrase in languages I believe.
  3. About that, This is a general question but maybe you know, what if you set cache remote images for 1 week, does it get the original image from the external server or from withing? I'm confused that if you set the cache duration to 1 week or something the image might get broken after that period, if it needs to fetch from another website constantly. Guess you need to set it on Indefinitely then.
  4. @A Zayed Just wondering what happens when you post an url of an image that is dynamic or protected? will it show a broken image after a while?
  5. you can prune it from the database tag table I think. not ideal but you can if you really have to.
    Great plugin that enables a sorely missed setting for invision power.
  6. Can member create links topics also @Faqole ? oh it doesn't actually add an option to created link topics my mistake.
  7. @Ryan H. could you add an option to select prefix from thread view? currently the prefix selection won't show up. also it conflicts with the prefix system in thread view. when you click on item prefix it enables other prefixes to be selected? any way to disable the prefix default system? I added this css to no longer display the default prefix as a quick fix. div#topic_tags_prefixWrap { display: none!important; }
  8. ok thanks for the quick reply. hope you will add for OP also in the future. If possible
  9. Version 1.0.1


    This removes the follow button for guests in most places. It should stay the same for members. Useful if you don't want visitors to see who follows what an adds some more privacy for your users, since I don't think there is a setting that disables this. if you want to show the follow button again simply disable or uninstall this plugin. You can see the before and after in images above.


  10. does this only work for replies? or is the first post aka OP included also thanks? @Faqole
  11. Version 2.0.1


    UNINSTALL PREVIOUS 1.0.0 VERSION IF YOU PLAN TO UPGRADE There currently is a bug that doesn't show the top controls standalone, it works in development mode though. I need to look closer into it. should be fixed in 2.0.1 This plug-in adds the topic item bottom controls to the top of the post also. If you have long articles, I find it annoying to scroll all the way down to find the edit button. With this you can edit a post at the top and bottom. I added some minor css modifications that adds a line and fixes the padding and margin a little. You can see the modification at the red arrow in image below. In version 2.0.0 you can now enable and disable the top and bottom controls in topic. please uninstall previous version since I forgot to backup the dev folders.


  12. @Taman nice theme. Would buy it if you could add an option where you can place the sidebar underneath the vertical menu To clarify if you enable left sidebar does it go underneath the navigation or at the side? would be great if left sidebar went underneath it.
  13. Another suggestion I have would be to add an option for no thumbnail. so when a user picks that the default no thumbnail image will show. thanks for considering.
    pretty great feature. Only downside I have with it is that it doesn't ignore character like , or (.
  14. quick update. I think you need the zip php extension enabled for it to work? update: yup my server's php selector was messed up. is fixed when zip php extension enabled. sorry for the hassle.
  15. yeah might be conflicting with topic thumbnail or my opera browser. maybe ad blocker I'll give my credentials if it doesn't work with any of those. probably server issue i guess.
  16. testing with: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9037-external-links-rich-embed/ my website is located here: https://lokalist.nl it's dutch though.
  17. any php extensions you need enabled for this to work? can't see any preview using php 7 and ips 4.3.5
  18. Nice addon. does it show the price in forum view also?
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Thanks to @newbie LAC for telling me where it's located. When you search or look at activity The default value of items to show is 25. this changes it to 10. Might come in handy if you want to reduce resources or loading time. Might add a custom setting to change it to whatever value you want, if I ever figure out how to implement a setting in code hooks.


  20. could you enable this for guest replies also in the future? @Adriano Faria
    thank you for making this works perfectly.
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