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  1. I upgraded and installed ips 4.1.4 again but the status updates are gone. I enabled them in settings but it's simply gone on my forum.
  2. I upgraded and installed ips 4.1.4 again but the status updates are gone. I enabled them in settings but it's simply gone on my forum.
  3. Is it possible to show thumbnails in the profile topics content area?
    Lovely addon, does make the forum less boring
  4. Just a suggestion but could you include a feature that makes it possible for members to post as a guest by anyone who has permission to do so? So for the usergroups who have permission they can post as an unregistered guest.
  5. well removed all extensions, removed cache, cookies etc... I even reinstalled chrome and the popup won't show up. I know its an issue from my end but i have no idea why it's happening.
  6. okay it works with firefox, on chrome and explorer, doesn't show anything though... for me, disabled ad block also and still nothing
  7. Is this feature added in ipb 4.0. ? can't see it on this demo site.
  8. I was thinking of creating a small community art website along the likes of deviantart with a centralized place where you can basically add all files. While IP.gallery is ideal, it's missing one main form of art and that is the "literary art form". Deviantart has this neat feature that gives you the option to upload all kinds of text files, or choose to write literature with an text editor, when you don't want to upload a text file, afterwards it shows a thumbnail of a small section of the literature. Anyways just throwing this idea out there. To see if if this community is interested in it. Also a mp3 gallery section would be interesting lol.
  9. ​well to be fair ip.downloads could also be included to download text or pics without requiring a file. I mean ipb doestnt have an addon that allows all kinds of content to be added like xenforo recources. Just because ip.downloads doesnt have a simple "doesnt require a file" feature that you can turn on and off. You could include tutorials heck even make a centralised place for almost everthing that is not static like the forum. if you add this option. O well maybe i inquire a 3rd party dev to add this feature
  10. Does the IP.downdloads for ips 4 have an option to add a download without a file requirement, like the xenforo resource addon? I'm a xenforo user but xenforo is missing too many baseline stuff, I like how IPS 4 is looking so far.
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