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  1. there is something wrong with your demo pages @Veilon
  2. I reinstalled with stable version. seems to work now thanks.
  3. No I want to pick a prefix from a tag and show it before the title. like the default system.
  4. Prefixes doesn't seem to show for me in ipbs beta. don't know because of the beta though. I'm using the default tag and prefix system and want to add a prefix from a tag so that it shows before the topic title. I removed cache and disabled all other plugins and apps. the prefix is gone when I enable this app again. I also turned all tag settings on. Just wanted to inform you if it is because of the beta. App Disabled: App Enabled:
  5. Does this show a tags list for users on the front end?
  6. How do you show thumbnails in the activity stream? can't seem to show them in 4.1.10 @onlyME
  7. @onlyME could you add the "no image" option when you create a thread? sometimes i don't want an image showing even when there are images in the thread.
  8. Can't seem to turn the plugin on in the settings. I enable the plugin and click on save but when I open settings again it still isn't enabled.
  9. Interesting I try again anything else you might have done to do that?
  10. I want recent activity as homepage but can't seem to find a way how. placing system as the main app doesn't work.
  11. What does the Unique board anonymous key setting do and is it possible to disable hash so the username use is 'guest'
  12. In mobile view when I click on the user menu it looks white
    Nice plugin that I was waiting for. It gives your users/staff more privacy and prevents your forum of being turned into a hugbox where nobody dares to disagree in fear of having their reputation ruined. And if someone abuses this feature you as the owner can check who said it.
    Great for making a slider, one of the best apps out there for ips 4.1
  13. Okay thx. I try that once I can reach my domain without a proxy
  14. Sure it only happens when I try to edit and click on save I'm using tor browser at the moment though since my domain has propagation issues
  15. When i try to edit a slide in the slide manager and click on safe the browser says 'please enter your url here' in the upper left corner, and i can't save
  16. seems to have been fixed after I install it again and click on 'upload new version' and update it
  17. i uninstalled your plugn and installed it again on ips 4.1.4 but i'm getting this error now. 1S111/1 Duplicate column name 'status_truncate_type'
  18. It looks like this on my profile the box isn't showing either. It's like it's not enabled. I'm using tmd hosting though and they only allow php 5.5 maximum oh wait i edited it in my profile and now it shows weird that it got disabled
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