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  1. Just a suggestion but any plans to make it possible to register a user account through this app @Adriano Faria Now members need to logout and register. Would be nice if they could register the same as through the backend with this app. thanks
  2. I don't like to use external captcha providers. Could you make it possible to extend the question and answer captcha from the login/register to also add an option to allow the question and answer captcha for guest posting... in the future? Thank you. @Rhett
  3. @onlyME What code should I remove if I want to remove the no-thumbnail place holder? so that threads with no images don't have a no-thumbnail icon next to them.
  4. you didn't come over as rude to me @TAMAN you are a decent developer and person.
  5. If you go to the files system in admin or my attachments in your profile it loads the full size image attachments in an estimated 200 x 200 image container. wouldn't it be better to create a thumbnail for the image file attachments? I know IPS doesn't create thumbnails for image attachments unless you reduce the size in the "maximum image dimensions to display" so don't know how hard it would be to implement it or if you want to do it. but if you have 2 megabyte + image files it does take quite a while sometimes in order to see the attachment images. Just feels like a waste of bandwidth and time in my humble opinion. Heck I would be happy if it just loaded the thumbnail it creates from the "maximum image dimensions to display" setting at first. In case there is an option for it or a solution already please do share.
    nice addon that removes the need to have ips gallery
    one of those options I hope Invision power adds default in their script.
  6. Thanks I appreciate it. yeah so only the webm links show when you enable it in settings but the video player code is not showing. If I knew how plugins work in this script I would fix it myself but would take ages lol.
  7. Using localhost only at the moment You can give guests permission to download files/attachments though which I enabled. it just looks like this when download permission is enabled and you are logged out.
  8. if you browse a topic video as guest the media only shows as a link with no video though @Nathan Explosion using 4.2.3 using opera browser.
  9. you can add a page with Ip content and place the advanced tags and prefixes widget into that one. just no pagination though. It's the only option currently I believe.
  10. @InvisionHQ Just curious what happens to attachments in the posts when you move a topic or post to another user? thanks
  11. I'm using an older version of 4.2 since my license has expired but in case this hasn't been reported or fixed in case it doesn't work as intended. If you enable fluid forum view and you enable this setting in some forums: the forums won't show in the sidebar and the topics don't show either for user groups who can't read topics but who should be able to view them in the thread list when you enable this setting. is there any easy way to show them by template modifications?
  12. I still wonder why xenforo needs like 200+ database tables for the core script that are 2/3 times as big as Invision power. Not to mention that even in xenforo 2 they lack core features and their permission system is so confusing.
  13. does this app convert embedded images into files/attachments? @Mike John
  14. Ah yeah you also need to change the crop setting in topics.php from 350 to 500 otherwise they don't get bigger.
  15. @onlyME where can i change the thumbnail rebuild size? I'm using the gallery mode and some images look bad because the thumbnail is too small. Thanks in advance
  16. @onlyME could you add the thumbnail in the profile topics section
  17. can you share the media files in forum posts from insert existing attachment? Video uploading doesn't play tried with mp4 and webm. Got this error Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (NotFound) https://localhost/tester/applications/cjmedia/interface/media/index.php?hash=49227f08c70da2021ff7d3200bccf3dc1356cc62 mp3 does work though. using 4.2.2.
  18. the forum layout chooser for guests doesn't show in 4.2 beta 2 neither does the start new topic button when you enable posting for guests. I though it showed in 4.1 not sure.
  19. If you want to show topic thumbnail widget on the main section like this: you have to replace the code in bim_tthumb_widget with this one: {{if !empty( $topics ) }} <h2 class='ipsType_sectionTitle ipsType_reset'>{$title}</h2> <div class='ipsPad_half ipsWidget_inner'> <ul class='ipsDataList ipsDataList_reducedSpacing'> {{foreach $topics as $topic}} <li class='ipsDataItem{{if $topic->unread()}} ipsDataItem_unread{{endif}}{{if $topic->hidden()}} ipsModerated{{endif}}'> <div class='ipsDataItem_icon ipsPos_top'> <div class="bim_tthumb_wrap" style="padding: 0px 5px 0px 0px !important;"> {{if $topic->canChangeThumbnail()}} <a href='#' data-ipsDialog data-ipsDialog-url="{$topic->url('changeTopicThumbnail')}" data-ipsDialog-size="tthumb" data-ipsDialog-title='{lang="bim_tthumb_changeThumb"}' data-ipsDialog-forceReload='true' {{if settings.bim_tthumb_onhover == 1}}data-ipstpopup data-ipstpopup-width='280' data-ipstpopup-target="{$topic->url('tthumbGetImage')}"{{endif}}> {{else}} <a href="{$topic->url()->setQueryString( 'do', 'getNewComment' )}" {{if settings.bim_tthumb_onhover == 1}}data-ipstpopup data-ipstpopup-width='280' data-ipstpopup-target="{$topic->url('tthumbGetImage')}"{{endif}}> {{endif}} <img src='{$topic->tthumb_show()}' {{if $topic->upload_thumbnail}}data-full="{file="$topic->upload_thumbnail" extension="forums_topicThumbnail"}"{{endif}} id="tthumb_{$topic->tid}" class='tthumbimg' width='{setting="bim_tthumb_width"}px' height='{setting="bim_tthumb_height"}px'> </a> </div> </div> <div class='ipsDataItem_main cWidgetComments' style='margin-{{if member.language()->isrtl}}right{{else}}left{{endif}}: {expression="settings.bim_tthumb_width + 5"}px !important;'> <div class="ipsCommentCount ipsPos_right {{if ( $topic->posts - 1 ) === 0}}ipsFaded{{endif}}" data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="replies_number" pluralize="$topic->posts - 1"}'>{expression="\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->formatNumber( $topic->posts - 1 )"}</div> <div class='ipsType_break ipsContained'> {{if $topic->mapped('featured') || $topic->hidden() === -1 || $topic->hidden() === 1}} {{if $topic->hidden() === -1}} <span><span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_icon ipsBadge_small ipsBadge_warning" data-ipsTooltip title='{$topic->hiddenBlurb()}'><i class='fa fa-eye-slash'></i></span></span> {{elseif $topic->hidden() === 1}} <span><span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_icon ipsBadge_small ipsBadge_warning" data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="pending_approval"}'><i class='fa fa-warning'></i></span></span> {{endif}} {{if $topic->mapped('featured')}} <span><span class="ipsBadge ipsBadge_icon ipsBadge_small ipsBadge_positive" data-ipsTooltip title='{lang="featured"}'><i class='fa fa-star'></i></span></span> {{endif}} {{endif}} <a href="{$topic->url()->setQueryString( 'do', 'getNewComment' )}" title='{lang="view_this_topic" sprintf="$topic->title"}' class='ipsDataItem_title'>{$topic->title}</a> </div> <p class='ipsType_reset ipsType_medium ipsType_blendLinks ipsContained'> <span>{lang="byline_nodate" htmlsprintf="$topic->author()->link()"}</span><br> <span class='ipsType_light'>{lang="topic_started_date" htmlsprintf="\IPS\DateTime::ts( $topic->mapped('date') )->html()"}</span> </p> </div> </li> {{endforeach}} </ul> </div> {{endif}} Gallery view widget looks outdated (I meant doesn't look that good in some themes) and doesn't work well on dark themes. just sharing for those who need it.
  20. Any news on this feature @HeadStand or if you can give me code that I can implement myself would be great.
  21. @HeadStand Is there a way to add custom field in the thread index view? I'm using topic thumbnails in gallery mode for the thread index view. FYI sorry if already asked or if the info is already somewhere
  22. does this have all functionality of the pages module? when it comes to custom fields? and will you update for 4.2 ?
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