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  1. Nice addon. does it show the price in forum view also?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Thanks to @newbie LAC for telling me where it's located. When you search or look at activity The default value of items to show is 25. this changes it to 10. Might come in handy if you want to reduce resources or loading time. Might add a custom setting to change it to whatever value you want, if I ever figure out how to implement a setting in code hooks.
  3. could you enable this for guest replies also in the future? @Adriano Faria
    thank you for making this works perfectly.
  4. Found a small bug in mobile view. the topic summary width doesn't go down. replies and views get out to the right of the frame instead of showing below created and last reply. @Fosters I fixed it with the removing the medium collumn. too lazy to create a responsive style for it though lol.
    what i was looking for
  5. Next to the thread title in thread if possible.
  6. Is there a easy way to show the thumbnail inside the thread @onlyME
    Choosing between traditional view or fluid view... why not both? ?
  7. @onlyME Just wondering if it takes longer to load a website with this? Have the feeling it takes longer to load when the thumbnail is enabled. Any change you could implement lazy load or add an option in the future. I would do it myself but don't know how to implement lazyload when the image gets loaded through css. Update Maybe I try with this: https://appelsiini.net/2013/lazyload-190/
  8. could you add an option to show the amount of replies and views inside the topic underneath the title or something. I would buy this addon then. thank you.
  9. I have no idea where to post bugs these days so... Found this bug in the responsive data-list.css on line 9 .ipsDataItem_lastPoster li:first-child { display: none; } when you shrink in fluid view to 1200px or less it remove the lastposter but not the time. You either need to remove the date and time also or keep the last poster line. I assume the plan was to remove the date also though.
  10. does this work in fluid view? thanks
    Seems like they are updating the themes so will give it a 4 for the time being.
  11. I prefer to show my tag field in 4.3 can't seem to find an option to enable or disable the tag toggle in the tags settings. thanks. In case it's possible
  12. ah yeah thanks I see now. that's the problem when I ran SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'ft_min_word_len' it showed 4.
  13. that's weird when I try on this site it always works. but I use the default system and it always says no results found. when using 3 letter words
  14. @Charles @Daniel F @Ryan Ashbrook is there a way to make it possible to search for 3 letter words? whenever I search a word like "Gym" it always says no results found when I'm sure there are. Haven't seen a setting for it but is it possible to alter it in the code somewhere thanks.
  15. ok but is there a way to overwrite it so that post as anonymous plugin overwrites "post as" when enabled? I believe when you turn on anonymous in thread or reply, it should get priority over post as user. That's the "conflict" I'm talking about. also any update on this? if you remember? I'm willing to pay to fix so I can use only your app and remove post as anonymous. Anyways thx for taking your time to look into it. I'll wait what @TSP opinion is.
  16. I'm taking some screenshots. to show you the conflict. But it's okay if it can't be fixed. I'm not expecting that all plugins and apps work perfect. That's why I asked for the post as guest custom job if you remember that one last year. So I could remove the post as anonymous plugin and only use yours alone. But that custom job didn't update the post to guest in some areas like activity feed etc... you forgot to reply on that custom job and left the conversation. and tried to contact you again but I don't think you look at your messages often or something. Example 1 ( I am a different user posting as jelle) : example one has no conflict since post as overwrites anonymous. no issues here. However if I keep posting as the original author and try to post as anonymous... Here is the conflict... original author stays Jelle when the topic author is not changed but anonymous is enabled. the topic author stays jelle. I just figured it out I believe. When Anonymous posting is enabled it should overwrite post as different user. but currently post as user always goes first. Don't know if it's possible to fix this though. Anonymous should get priority when you enable it. don't know if there is a way to change priorities. messaged this conflict to @TSP also
  17.  yeah was afraid that was the case. Anyways thanks. If other people have the same problem if you disable post as feature you can use both.
  18. Wow this board looked messed up now lol. Anyways linked accounts conflicts with anonymous posting by @TSP sorry linked wrong user. I'll test it again to inform what conflict it has.
  19. My apologies thought you weren't interested in custom work since you didn't reply to my custom work message. I removed it now though that message. My main problem is that linked account "post as feature" conflicts with anonymous posting of @DSP. Don't know if that's fixable though. I send a message to @DSP to see if it's fixable.
  20. Not possible? Or are you willing to do it for custom work?
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