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  1. Nope. I purchased it. I believe it's under the multimedia content.
  2. Mostly a writing forum with some changes on the way, http://theartistszone.com/
  3. Allow images from websites to be added into Gallery. A lot of my members use third party image hosting sites and it would save a lot of time just to link images to Gallery instead of having to upload them.
  4. I'd love to see an update to the blogs to include: The option to categorize blogs (Journals, Novels etc) so it makes it easier to find things Re-order entries from oldest to newest so they can act as chapters of a book
  5. I would to see a chat room back, but I doubt that will happen : ( It would be cool to see the blogs updated to act like books
    This is nice and simple to use. The only downside is we can't see who is active right now and no options to privately message someone
  6. I receive an error when I try to upgrade the forum. My board is now unusable.
    Works and looks great. Exactly what I needed.
  7. I just purchased this today, and I love the look of it except I have a problem regarding the header and footer image. My images will not show for whatever reason.
  8. I just purchased the theme [great job btw], but I want to change 'Chameleon' to the name of my own forum. How would I do this?
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