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    kmk got a reaction from sobrenome in 4.5 and Video Attachments   
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    kmk reacted to bfarber in Automatic post to Facebook and Instagram   
    There is no built in way to do this, and frankly Facebook, et al don't want you to either. You can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to use the "Promote" tool within the software, which is a moderator/admin-level feature.
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    kmk got a reaction from SC36DC in Automatic post to Facebook and Instagram   
    How can I configure my IPS, that let my members manage blog, when they post an entry, it posted automatically in their FB and IG accounts? 
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    kmk got a reaction from Beatrina in (DP44) Ban from Topic   
    I would like suggest, or request to buy one.
    1. When I create a topic, there can show me the ban icon that by default ban all members? so after create this topic by default no one can see the topic.
    2. After actived the ban icon, there show me option to type which members is unbanded, so after create this topic only the members unbanded can see this topic.
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    kmk reacted to Daniel F in Moderators tool form UI   
    We have an internal suggestion for this 🙂 
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    kmk got a reaction from Daniel F in Moderators tool form UI   
    Why not apply condensed and expand mechanism for this tool form (by default condensed) ? If you need expand it, configure and Send post. 
    But in case that you don't use it in each post, you have to scroll down to find the Send button. 
    Specially for better mobile UI and UX reason. 
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    kmk got a reaction from Keith Clark in Sorting posts by reverse   
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    kmk got a reaction from Ibai in Advertisement improvements 2   
    I applied this option: After the first post in each topic
    Then it appear in all topics, including all special forums and clubs.
    Due to the clubs and some forums are specials, After the first post in each topic, should be let us to choose which forums we want to applied it, or which forums will be excluded.
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    kmk got a reaction from theipsguy in Member Shops Possible?   
    it has been requested so long time ago, we need this feature to develop commerce inside a community already builded...this will help us (ips admins) to earn money and keep our forums projects more supported. But I don't know why....😌
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    kmk reacted to Nathan Explosion in Why ips don't want to add icon to menu manager   
    Yup, the title field takes HTML quite well...just try it....

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    kmk reacted to Daniel F in Why ips don't want to add icon to menu manager   
    You can use icons and even emojis in the title field. 
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    kmk reacted to cocoliso in WhatsApp Share Button for 4.5   
    Whatsapp is used by 99% of people in my country, and very used in Europe. It would need to be included in the system by default, not as plugin.
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    kmk reacted to imsandertjeee in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    Damn, uhm how/where? 😮 
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    kmk reacted to SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    By the way, I've got some exciting news for you 🥰
    Brilliant Discord Integration has become one of the most popular third-party apps for Invision Community. It is currently responsible for managing hundreds of thousands members among hundreds of amazing communities.
    It was designed to synchronize roles from website to Discord and not the other way around.
    It was designed to support only a single Discord server.
    It was designed to notify only about content. Only new content. Only from website.
    But it was designed in 2018.
    It's time to move forward. Meet Jimmy
    To make Brilliant Discord Integration even better, we had to completely rethink how it works - starting with the configuration and synchronization process.
    Brilliant Discord Integration is getting its own Discord bot - Jimmy. New customers will no longer need to create their own bots. It also means more reliable and faster synchronization and  endless possibilities for adding new features, such as server-to-website/bidirectional synchronization or multiple server support. It even lets us quickly fix most issues without requiring you to update the app.
    Jimmy is designed with your privacy and security in mind. We'll thoroughly explain it to you why there is absolutely no reason to worry about it.
    The bot is still in development. The transition will be simpler than you think - everything you will need to do is just adding the bot to your Discord server. The app will do the rest.
    Early Access Program
    Brilliant Discord Integration's Early Access Program is for those who want to be first to access all those new features and help us by giving feedback. If you're interested - just fill this form and join our Discord server 🙂
    Support and prices
    We're committed to supporting Brilliant Discord Integration for years to come. Our team is growing - I (the developer of the app) am currently the only person responsible for customer support, but I have started training new support staff and preparing both public and internal support materials.
    In terms of price - for existing customers, renewal price will remain the same.
    If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message or join our Discord server.
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    kmk reacted to Morrigan in Set standar size for images uploaded   
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    kmk got a reaction from Alfonso Moreno in Post Comments (Support)   
    Hi @Michael.J
    When will ready for 4.5?
    Support for clubs forums too?
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    kmk reacted to jackflash in Gallery Last Updated 1002 Days Ago, 2 Years 9 Months   
    Gallery Last Updated 1002 Days Ago, 2 Years 9 Months
    Unless I am wrong, the gallery was last revamped on 29 January 2018 - that's 1002 days ago, or 2 years and 9 months ago.  Yes, there have been fixes and patches, but nothing new and no suggestions implemented, etc.
    I feel odd paying to renew my license and having to pay for this app.   It's almost as if IPS has taken this app for granted and has forgotten about it.  IPS itself doesn't even use on on their own community forum - out of site and out of mind. . .a bowl of not too good. 😐
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    kmk got a reaction from bosss in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    Resolved. Thanks @aXenDev @bosss
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    kmk reacted to aXenDev in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   

    @kmk If the problem is still not solved, create a new topic. This is topic support theme, not IPS script.
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    kmk reacted to bosss in [Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support   
    You can fix in ACP - Groups - Social (and enable posting of status updates)
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    kmk reacted to Teddy Rogers in Disable uploading attachments in specific forums?   
    That makes some sense. I still believe having more granular control to allow "Upload Attachments" in each forum complements "Download Attachments". This allows some flexibility while still maintaining the option for incentives...
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    kmk reacted to Adriano Faria in Quizzes   
    I wouldn't call a BUG as I can't reproduce. I can't fix something that works.
    If you have a solid steps to reproduce, I'll look into it. This is ok to me.
    Anyway, the "workaround" works for now so use it. It should probably be some server configuration as I don't have this on my online board. I'll come back to this when I have to update the app.
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    kmk reacted to Adriano Faria in Quizzes   
    Well mate, then you already have the "temporary" fix. Create the category with it. Edit. Disable.
    You're done.
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    kmk got a reaction from Zdeněk Tůma in Tournaments ( Support Topic )   
    It look like this, could you retouch a little the mobile view? 

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    kmk reacted to DesignzShop in Not enough space for tags when second row starts in mobile   
    Can you please consider adding space after a second line of tags start in mobile. I add quite a few tags to my articles and when the line drops there's not enough space between the first and second line and they sit on top of each other.
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