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    kmk reacted to DarkRider in Tutorials   
    Fantastic tutorial system a must ave for any community that deals in a lot of written materials. Easy to set up easy to use. my community would be lost without this! On top of that, you can expect quality support from Adriano Faria if you run into trouble getting your copy up and running; you won't be left hanging. Thanks for all your hard work making our communities even more awesome :)
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    kmk reacted to 403 - Forbiddeen in Tutorials   
    The module is interesting but lacks functions. The default theme is the same as IP.DOWNLOADS, I thought it would work just like a forum, which makes browsing bad.
    Another bad part is support without education. I asked a question, did not tell him to make the change.
    Maybe I remove from my forum.
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    kmk got a reaction from sobrenome in 💎 AQ - Clean and simple theme   
    Finally I get a theme with modern esthetic sense design. For now I want to say, the better. The developer try to give me support possible to make the theme fit to my need. 100% recommend for ips members that don't satisfy with the default theme and don't still get a perfect theme. Hope the developer continues this way and bring us exciting features, because we can continue the renewal cost. 
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    kmk got a reaction from theFUM3 in Tournaments   
    disappointed Maybe is problem of the IPS ecosystem, because a developer has many apps... is hard to continue giving the same excelent support and new improvements. take a check the support topic, you can see my requests without responses....
    If the bussiness is good, I think the app owner can create their team to manage and develope this bussines, take care in all aspects.
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    kmk got a reaction from Veilon in 💎 AQ - Clean and simple theme   
    Finally I get a theme with modern esthetic sense design. For now I want to say, the better. The developer try to give me support possible to make the theme fit to my need. 100% recommend for ips members that don't satisfy with the default theme and don't still get a perfect theme. Hope the developer continues this way and bring us exciting features, because we can continue the renewal cost. 
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    kmk reacted to Joey_M in Advanced Topic Feed   
    This application is amazing, it makes posting very efficient and I can see it being very useful to maximise the amount of posts members with less time can do - simply because it provides an overview of the topics setup within the feeds configuration.
    Giving members a time saving platform, which comes with handy feature such as the ability to like comments and see the whole entire discussion.
    I think this has a wide range of possibilities.
    1) It could be used as a means to give something back or add value to member groups such as VIPs (people who help support users' sites)
    2) An alternative to the inbuilt activity streams (promoted within a site as a means to reduce loading times etc)
    3) Used as a way to generate engaging discussions (maximise the detail in the discusses, get people involved and then plug on social media to draw engagements in)
    I would also like to add that @onlyME has added several of my suggestions already, and provides excellent support. The advanced topic feed application is a serious must have community addition for anyone serious about their community enjoyment/members.
    With the support of others, I would like to see the following features considered as I feel it would improve the application even further (please give this a like if you agree or like the feedback).
    ** Ability to quote comments in replies.
    This is a feature I would most certainly love to see added, as it would allow members to have the full topics functions when posting via the application. With the addition of multi-quote function, it would be a simple but effective feature.
    ** Add icon to identify if a topic is new or has been replied to by the user.
    I'm hopeful this would be added, as at a glance you could forget if you have replied or not. Just a simple font awesome circle for new content and a star for content which has been replied to already. These markers would make it much easier to identify new content which needs supporting, whilst giving a visual presentation to know where you in terms of posting.
    ** Comment updates - 'User(s) has replied notification' in line with the advanced feed.
    This would be somewhat tricky with the notification sounds, but it would be a great feature in my opinion. Sometimes when you're writing a reply, a member will come along and beat you to the punch or maybe write something add even more value to your own comment. Rather than editing, having a function to see where and all the updates would be a pretty cool feature, if it could be handled in a way whereby it didn't become distracting or annoying.
    ** More feed settings, so the ability to list new topics only, topics without replies, unread topics only.
    Please, please, please can we have more useful ways to configure an advanced feed, I would welcome ways of filtering what is new, what hasn't gotten replies and unread topics. This would allow us to set up other effective feeds, which can be targeted towards finding newly written or unseen content.
    * Ability to close/minimize the post field for comments.
    If you load a lot of topics up which you decide to not reply to at that moment in time, it would be useful if you could return it to its normal state - i.e minimise it.
    I realise that you could simply refresh/reload the page, however, if you tend to spend a lot of time reading and actually sitting on the page. Having a way to reduce the size would be beneficial.
    * Ability to minimise the 'submit' a new topic if loaded but unwanted.
    I know you can reduce it by clicking "cancel" but I do feel this might not be as obvious as a minimise option in the right corner, this is something more people would look for and would be a simple addition.
    Just to stress, I am not suggesting these changes to dictate or attempt to get my money's worth - I feel the price right now is a very fair one. In fact, I believe it to be value for the purchaser, yet I do like to make suggestions and hopefully come up with detailed features which could add value to others who may use it. Again, I don't want to overload OnlyME, but I have spent the majority of this past weekend finding bugs (which was very quickly fixed) and thinking about how richer the application could be.
    Thank you to OnlyME for taking the time to support, release and create this wonderful application.
    Be sure to give this a like if you value what I had said or like the suggestions, this would show the dev that others would find them useful. Buy it today folks! You won't regret it.
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    kmk reacted to Fierce God in Chat Application   
    @TheJackal84 you the Real MVP for this
    I have a competitor on here and can't disclose what we have this app for, but our members are loving it, 
    no complaints, everything has been working fine, and works smooth with our other exclusive apps on our Gaming Community website
    And by the suggestions in the support topic, if you could implement them (Voice first plz!) then this will be the Chat App of the Year! 
    If anyone is using IPS, and doesn't want their website to go dead due to Discord, then this app is a MUST HAVE! (Speaking from a Gaming Community Opinion)
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    kmk reacted to Sonya* in Project Manager   
    I have tested the bug tracker with my beta testers. We do not like it and will use another solution.
    The main point is that the list of bugs and the bug view page look messy. In the list of bugs you see the type, the status and the assigned person as tags before the bug title. It is confusing to see so many tags at once and is difficult to get an overview. I would rather use table columns for such information. The bug view page does not follow the view of a topic or an article. The buttons for promotion and follow are on the "wrong" place. The widget on the sidebar contains another buttons, that I would expect below the bug desciption. 
    It is probably just a matter of taste, but I do like applications where list and item views are very close to the IPS standard. 
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    kmk reacted to donjuan in Highlight Posts Per User Group   
    Works great, I can create unique display settings for all of my groups.
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    kmk reacted to Florent Bouillon in Liva 4.3 & by IPSMake   
    Very nice theme in general. I still deeply customize it, but to be honest I bought it for the additional AdminCP features above all. I am pretty satisfied by the general aspect and the features!
    Let's go with a few inconvenients and suggestions:
    - The saving of parameters is long, very long. Takes like 10 seconds to update the setting, which is not so practical when one makes quick changes to see the live version. Maybe you could do a saving for each part of the theme panel instead of saving the whole parameters of the other sheets?
    - I would suggest to add customization for the secondary colors of the forums. It's strange that you can update the main color of forum lists, but the remaining color of zebra and the color of blocks & announcements fields are unreachable (except by finding it directly in the templates), it would be much easier to customize with just these 2 colors!
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    kmk reacted to Joel R in Kitchen Sink   
    Joel's top 5 reasons to buy this plugin:
    One of the best Titles in the Marketplace.  Honestly. That alone is deserving of a tip to Flitterkill. Awesome support and responsive conversation by Flitterkill.  I made two minor aesthetic suggestions to Flitterkill, and within 24 hours he had another version out. That means a lot to me.  Pulsing icon for IPS updates.  How awesome is that??  And in a nod to IPS' policy, even includes non-dismissable pulsing red icons for security updates!  It's a slick UIX change that transforms your front-end update reminders from obnoxiously-in-your-face to trendy.  Yes, your IPS 4 updates will become trendy after you buy this plugin.  Promise. Really good descriptions per setting that make it very clear what you're changing.  Even includes helpful hints or examples.   Really does include everything but the kitchen sink, and the kitchen sink is planned for v3.  (Kidding, but not really.)  Tons of small but aesthetic updates.  Customize the breadcrumb, customize the User Bar, customize the search box, customize the lightbox, customize your forums, customize your posts, etc.
    Here are some personal highlights in how I've used the Kitchen Sink on my own community:
    In between all of the settings for the User Bar, I've totally transformed my User Bar from the IPS default into something that's simpler, yet more expressive and more informative.  It contains more information in less space to help me better manage my community and my activity:
    Fixed one of my biggest pet peeves in all of IPS 4: when you're in the Profile, stopping the cover photo area from shrinking / expanding when viewing Activity.  I have no idea why IPS built that in.  It's useless.  It's such an annoying animation.  Just make it stop. Elegantly hides all of the options (edit / quote / report) in every post into one icon, which gives a cleaner look to the post and hides functions that most of my users will never use:
    Lastly, pulsing icon for IPS updates.  It even includes more frequent pulses for more recent upgrades.  Yes, it's that cool.   Totally worth the price, and easily one of my most favorite plugins in the entire Marketplace.  I don't often give in-depth reviews to Marketplace purchases, but if you've read my other Marketplace reviews then you know I only give reviews to those that I believe are well-worth the value.  I think every IPS Admin will find the Kitchen Sink to have at least one useful feature they can use, and most likely tons they'll end up falling in love with.  This is such a multi-purpose, all-functional plugin with so many small but useful aesthetic improvements that you're bound to find so many things you'll like.  
    I'm definitely excited to see what new settings Flitterkill will add to future versions of Kitchen Sink, and to see his Kitchen Sink for other applications when they get released.
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    kmk reacted to Joel R in (NB41) Content Ratings   
    At the time of this writing, I would not recommend the purchase of this plugin even though I gave it 4 / 5 stars and I encourage you to read through the entirety of this review before purchase.  I am currently using Content Ratings v1.0.4 on IPS v4.1.17.1.  
    Normally I would have no problem supporting the work of @newbie LAC.  He puts out good stuff into the IPS Marketplace.  He's quick on his response in the IPS support forums, regularly participates on a daily basis, and is willing to fix bugs or add in features.  You can see how he has responded to me multiple times in this plugin's support topic and I regularly recommend his Marketplace files to other clients.  
    The plugin supports adding in your own customized content ratings.  This means uploading your own icons and writing your own custom descriptions.  This is great if you want to really customize the content ratings to your community with fun and unique ratings beyond the standard "like."  For example, if you have a gaming community, you can create your own unique ratings like Buzzkill, Killshot, Aim Higher, etc.  If you have a news community, you can create unique ratings like Informative, Questionable, Fake News, etc.  Add your own ratings and you've built a unique ratings system exclusively for your own community.  At the same time, he also includes a basic pack to get you started.   The plugin can also tie into the user's reputation.  This means that whenever a person gives a positive, neutral, or negative rating then it similarly increases, does nothing, or decreases the default IPS reputation.  This is important if you have a well-developed IPS reputation system such as member ranks, or want to display the member reputation widget on the profile.   CONS
    The plugin does NOT support a content item's reputation.  This means is that even though it increases, does nothing, or decreases a user's reputation, it does not affect the reputation count of the associated content item.  This negatively affects all IPS communities in multiple ways, which is very unfortunate.  You can no longer have content items triggered as "popular" which affects both the Popular Now widget and the popular flag on the postbit; you cannot use custom templates that pull in reputation (eg. article widgets); and lastly, those who are are using IPS v4.1.17.1 will not be able to use one of the most innovative features of the new Leaderboard.   In terms of the existing features and developer support, it's a very good plugin.  However, at the time of this writing, the developer hasn't noted he will build out the interaction between Content Ratings and a content item's reputation, which is why I unfortunately recommend that this plugin not be purchased until it does.  The default IPS reputation system is built out into so many different features that it's simply not worthwhile paying $35 / 6 mo for this plugin which will add fun new ratings but will be incompatible with the underlying reputation system in your IPS community. You can potentially have a community that relies upon Content Ratings, but you will need to strip out or hide all of the other default IPS reputation components, which is not something that I'm willing to do.  
    Content Ratings is easily in a short list of my "wanted" plugins as I was very excited at the chance of building out my own unique and customized ratings system.  The plugin and developer are both worthy of being supported and - once again, I want to emphasize that @newbie LAC is one of the better and trusted third-party developers in the IPS Marketplace - but this plugin is a recommended "no buy" at this point in time from me.    
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    kmk reacted to David.. in Prevent double submission   
    This should be default on IPB4.
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    kmk reacted to Micka in Prevent double submission   
    Very useful. Many of my members posts a topic in double or triple... I don't understand why there isn't already this protection on bases versions.
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    kmk got a reaction from TAMAN in Magnum Theme   
    Nice theme, I really like it. Of course, very good service, and.....I will ask for more customization, I think this is the way to convert the theme more more powerful..
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    kmk reacted to Ioannis D in Remove Forums Title   
    Is it the same thing with the below line in custom.css ?
    body[data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="index"] .ipsPageHeader{ display: none; }  
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