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  1. 5 hours ago, bfarber said:

    You can add the following to your constants.php (create one starting with <?php and a newline if you don't have one yet):

    \define( 'EMAIL_DEBUG_PATH', '/dev/null' );


    Is this the fix in 4.5 referred to in the above link? Or is this just to stop all outgoing Mail?

  2. 57 minutes ago, CyanideBurial said:

    Is there anyway to hide the email registration if you only use manual

    Yes - under group setting for each member group you can select which method each group has access to so simply edit each group, go to the Member Verification Tab and disable Email Registration as an option.


    59 minutes ago, CyanideBurial said:

    Also is there a way to hide the info when its posted to the users profile? 

    What information are you referring to?

  3. 3 hours ago, CyanideBurial said:

    Would that be possible with this?

    There is no way to manually generate a verification code - the form they complete in a support ticket with custom fields can be replicated within the application though. What I think would be best for you though is to use the manual verification method and get the relevant information and once you are happy with everything you can manually approve the verification request.

    3 hours ago, CyanideBurial said:

    Also do they get a check by their name so everyone else can see that they are verified or does it just use the secondary group for that?

    This is coming in the next version which is just being finalised and getting ready for testing with some other nice updates. 

  4. 10 hours ago, Giray said:

    I'd like to verify my members by postal mail by sending them a postcard with a verification code that they enter when they receive the card. Is there a workflow within your app that would let me do that relatively easily?

    This is not possible unless you can work the manual process to fit your needs


    10 hours ago, Giray said:

    I think there should be the option for longer verification period. In our community, I don't need annual verification.

    This is coming in the next version where a validation period up to any value you specify can be configured, including one time verification that never expires.

  5. 5 hours ago, kmk said:

    I don't want to set this status by me, I prefer after the first time manually set up, through a condition per year, sending the STATUS field to administrator or members, moderators who can chance the stutus, example if the first time manually set up for grade 2, then in a calendar set up, I will receive a status field message, asking me if the student will curse to next grade x. Additional other field for block this recurrent task, because the student will change to other school.

    You can create custom fields in the form and you can renew verification every 1-12 months currently. You can force that the student would have to re-submit the form on expiry before they would be able to continue using the site however it doesn’t send notification to staff to move them to another group/status. It would require the student (user) to resubmit an application every x number of months.

  6. This application will allow you to verify the true identity of your members based on two methods. Firstly you can verify a member belongs to a specific organisation by their organisations approved email address domain. For example if you want to confirm that a person works for your organisation via email then they can submit an online form, the application will send them an email with a verification code contained within and on entering that verification code back into your website a member will be verified. Verification can add the member to a secondary group to enhance access across your Invision site. 

    • Allow only certain email domains such as @yourorganisation.com or @anotherorganisation.com
    • Choose unlimited approved email domains configured via a setting in the ACP
    • Promote member to a secondary group on verification
    • Verification period setting from 1-12 months making the user continue to verify to enhance access
    • On expiry the secondary group is removed
    • Email confirmation sent on expiry to warn the user their account is being downgraded
    • Allow the user to re-verify within 30 days of verification expiry
    • Add custom fields to the verification form to capture all relevant information on application

    The second method, and the most flexible is for the user to verify in any way you wish. Manual ID verification allows you to create a custom form with any fields you like for the member to complete. This will allow upload of ID documents, photograph, and anything else you feel appropriate. On submission the verification will remain pending until approved by a moderator or admin. Full moderator settings to choose which groups can verify members. Ability to verify or reject applications available from the front end of your site in the Moderator CP. 

    • Promote member to a secondary group on verification
    • Verification period setting from 1-12 months making the user continue to verify to enhance access
    • On expiry the secondary group is removed
    • Email confirmation sent on expiry to warn the user their account is being downgraded
    • Allow the user to re-verify within 30 days of verification expiry
    • Add custom fields to the verification form to capture all relevant information on application

    You can choose which member groups (primary or secondary) can submit each verification method so it is fully customisable.

    In the ACP you have full admin logs of all actions carried out by moderators, all members are listed with their verification status next to them. Unlimited custom fields. Force re-validation setting to enforce verification before users can continue to use the site.

    This is a great application that will allow for you to verify all members of your site, or just those wishing to gain access to protected areas or restricted areas of your site. 

  7. Hi

    Getting an error message on adding a feature in a club;

    Error code: EX1136

    INSERT INTO `ipbcore_follow` SELECT MD5( CONCAT( 'forums;forum;1648;', follow_member_id ) ) AS follow_id, 'forums' AS follow_app, 'forum' AS follow_area, '1648' AS follow_rel_id, follow_member_id, follow_is_anon, '1558984677' AS follow_added, follow_notify_do, follow_notify_meta, follow_notify_freq, 0 AS follow_notify_sent, follow_visible FROM `ipbcore_follow` AS `core_follow` WHERE follow_app='core' AND follow_area='club' AND follow_rel_id=3
    IPS\Db\Exception: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 (1136)
    #0 ../system/Db/Db.php(937): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery('/*IPS\\forums\\_F...', Array)
    #1 ../system/Content/ClubContainer.php(140): IPS\_Db->insert('core_follow', Object(IPS\Db\Select))
    #2 ../applications/core/modules/front/clubs/view.php(1389): IPS\forums\_Forum->saveClubForm(Object(IPS\Member\Club), Array)
    #3 ../system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): IPS\core\modules\front\clubs\_view->nodeForm()
    #4 ../applications/core/modules/front/clubs/view.php(104): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute()
    #5 ../Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\core\modules\front\clubs\_view->execute()
    #6 ../index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run()
    #7 {main}

    Any ideas?

  8. Seasons Greetings to all..... 

    Just interested on getting some ideas/suggestions on the best way to handle the following;

    Several communities - merged into one using the conversion tools - once this is complete how would be best to keep all the old url's alive from several other domains to refer to the post on the new merged community. Effectively having the domains mapped to the new community so that search engine results still generate traffic to the specific post/thread until they are updated by the bots.

    Is there a fairly easy way to achieve it?


  9. Is there an option to make the verification time limited? So the verification expires after 1 year or 3 years etc and the member reverts back to original group and then must complete the verification process again to ensure they still meet the criteria?

    We have members that are members of a particular company and we get them to send us their company ID however we want this to be limited to re-verifying every 3 years to ensure that people who leave the company no longer have access.




  10. @Adriano Faria - This looks good and I am interested but I would like to be able to configure form fields for them to complete to make it more of an application form rather than a simple text box. I might want to ask them previous experience, references, qualifications etc etc and these should be separated like an application form would be in my view. 

    Any thoughts about adding this functionality?


  11. Well after this product was removed from the marketplace and was no longer being supported by the developer I was one of those purchasers that made the decision to cancel my renewals of the product. A reasonable step I would suggest in the circumstances. Why would anyone be expected to continue to pay for a product renewal that was a) no longer being supported and b) no longer available for download in the marketplace as it had been removed by the developer?

    Clearly the above is exactly what the developer expected as apparently you can only be added back on to this product if you are prepared to pay for it again (or at least 50% of the cost) following a conversation I have had via PM. 

    I could explain it but I think its probably best just to post the contents of the PM so you can all see his stance which frankly I feel is unacceptable;



    They really need little explanation and no doubt you will make your own decisions on which way to go with this. If I get any further positive responses I will of course post them to keep you updated.


  12. 25 minutes ago, TAMAN said:

    then just download the latest version and use "Upload a new version" it should fix the issue :) 

    Right - that has worked and has got it back apart from one aspect - the rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.85) opacity is not working. Please see www.police.community 

  13. 3 hours ago, TAMAN said:

    Just downloaded and checked, works fine on my side :/ 

    have you modified templates or something?

    are you using the version 2.0.1?

    No - using version 2.0.0 currently - not modified any templates since the update - I have some ad code on the core index page and I have some custom css but even if I remove both of those they still don't display as they should.

  14. @TAMAN - Since upgrading to version 2 the private areas no longer display the gradient cover and the private text as they once did - we have made no changes internally just simply upgraded the theme. I have been into the admin and checked all of the settings and they are all configured correctly. Its not registering any of the settings on the Forum categories/Widgets tab 

  15. I have to disagree totally here with the IP - I can quote examples where I have also got frustrated at the speed of the responses or lack of but in all honesty the support has been good and comprehensive. @Matt recently speant a significant amount of time assisting to upgrade one of our older forums that would not upgrade due to a database issue - extensive troubleshooting took place and Matt got us upgraded within a week. 

    Personally, I'm very grateful for the help and support I have had and I think any criticism needs to be balanced. 


  16. Thats disappointing in all honesty - is this the way that updates have to work or can they not just update the existing? I just want to know moving forwards as to your intentions because I don't want to have to keep repeating the process.

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