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  1. When I use a computer, it works to search for the Display name to find the member. But on mobile phones it doesn't work. I think it's important to be able to search on Display name on mobile phones also.
  2. Mike has hepled me with a lot of things to an affordable price, and if I afterwards found a small bug somewhere or if I wanted to make some more modifications - he helped me with that also. I'm very grateful!
  3. A question. Can I use the Keyword Tooltips also in More Search Options and Edit my Profile? For example if a person is unsure what some of the answers mean. Is this possible? Screenview:
  4. Jag har laddat ner språkfilen och installerat den genom att gå in i Admin CP / Look & Feel / Manage Languages. Där laddade jag upp language.xml.qz-filen. Jag lät det ta sin tid att laddas upp. Sen valde jag Svenska som Default. Men hela mitt community är fortfarande på engelska. Vad beror det på?
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