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  1. Ok. All is clear and it works. Thanks for your support 🙂
  2. Ok. One more question because for my old topics it doesn't work - in code is figured default og:image. Even on default IPS theme. For new topics as I wrote is ok. Is it important for your plugin that some of my pictures (old) were uploaded in domain/uploads/ and new are placed in domain/uploads/monthly_year_month/ ? Or it doesn't matter?
  3. Thanks a lot for your reply. I cleared cached via support in AP and now is ok - for new topics 🙂 Could you confirm or not that your plugin works only with new created topic? Topics created before installation of plugin have default ig:image and it is normal?
  4. Hello. I bought but it doesn't work for me. In my case og:image is always the same (defined in Admin Panel of forum). Please look at example with attachment: https://www.xperiasite.pl/topic/38680-czy-xperia-1-iii-pojawi-się-jeszcze-w-tym-miesiącu/ Is it possible to overwrite default image? I can make changes in theme code to force your plugin to work but need some tips.
  5. Hello. Could you confirm me (or not) that this plugin hide information about total voters in poll? Currently in my polls I see: Total voters: 10 Option one: 4 Option two: 6 Sometimes I would like hide only bolded info 🙂
  6. Is it possible to work this hook on 3.4.6 version IPB? I bought your plugin, but is not compatible: Warning: Illegal string offset 'hook_php_version_min' Warning: Illegal string offset 'hook_php_version_max'
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