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  1. Hello ! As you can see on the screenshot below, the editor buttons don't show up anymore. I can still use them, but the icons are not visible. This affects some of my users, but not everyone of them. I cleared the forum cache, and my browser's too, but it didn't solved anything. Do you guys have any ideas about how to solve this ? Thank you !
  2. This plugin still doesn't work for me ( The text editor doesn't show up when I want to edit the predefined content. I can only attach files.
  3. Solved, with this (I used a IPSFocus theme): http://www.ipsfocus.com/forums/topic/9693-articles-page-records-transparent-backgrounds/
  4. Hello, I upgraded my forum to 4.1.6 a few days ago, and I just saw that... all my articles used with Pages are now without background... I didn't edit any settings. Do you know what's wrong ? Thank you.
  5. Hello. I installed this plugin, but I can't add any text. The text editor doesn't show, I can only attach files. How can I get it to work please ? Thank you.
  6. Sorry, just found it out. I was importing the theme's files when disabling the dev's mode.
  7. Hi, A friend of mine wanted to help me to edit the css files of my forum. Since he doesn't know IPB, the first thing he did in the ACP was to enable the developer's mode. We then disabled it, but my forum is now broken. The theme doesn't show correctly anymore and I have to enable the dev's mode to display my forum normally. But the dev's mode broke some of my plugins. So my question is: how to disable the dev's mode without breaking the forum's theme ? Thank you !
  8. Hi ! Thank you for this awesome plugin ! May I ask what I could change to make the description texte more easy to read ? For exemple, by adding some background color like the header: behind the groups' list (second screenshot) and behind a group's description (first screenshot). Thank you !! Vianney
  9. Hello ! Thanks for this plugin. Once installed and set up, I can add new streams and watch them, but here is the main page of the plugin: What's wrong with it please ? Thank you.
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