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  1. Great, thank you for your quick answers !!
  2. Great thank you ! I tried the application and I have a concern: since the markers are placed by 1) IP or 2) Adress, how can I let my member to add Markers on a fictionnal map ? Because IP and real world adresses won't be useful in that case.
  3. Hello ! I'm currently using Leaflet to display a map for a gaming community ( = fictionnal worldmap). I'm currently looking for give my member the ability to add markers on the map (for exemple, to display their position in the game to other players). I didn't find anything about that with Leaflet "vanilla". I just found your plugin and my only question is: can I edit some code to use my own, fictionnal map ? Thank you. Vianney
  4. Do you mean that you installed a first time, got the error message, then updated the hook with the same file ? Thank you.
  5. Hello, Here is the error message I get when I install it: What's wrong ? Thanks !
  6. Hello ! Are these fonts usable in text editor for forum messages, or are they only to use in the forum titles and descriptions ? Thank you !
  7. Yeah, the point it that I don't want my member to delete their old posts, only the posts they just made, as long as no one answered them.
  8. Sorry, it wasn't about deleting a topic, only a post in a topic. For exemple, member A and member B are writing posts within a topic. Member A writes a post he wants to delete immediately. I'd like to give the ability to member A to delete this post as long as member B (or C, or D...) has not write a post after this one. And that, without giving the ability to delete any posts member A wrote, anywhere in the forum. Only the last post of a topic as long as there is no new post after it.
  9. Hi ! I'm writing this message to suggest a feature which doesn't existe at the moment: give members the ability to delete a post, ONLY IF this post is the last of a topic. When the post is part of the discussion (= an other member added an other post after this one), the first post is not longer deletable. Do you think this feature could be added in a latest version of IPS 4 ? Thank you !
  10. Vianney Gantelmi


    Thank you, @Morrigan. But is that possible to set the system, so that a Member can "award" himself/herself but not an other ? Thank you. Edit: Hey, looking forward to your Character Mod for 4.1.x
  11. Vianney Gantelmi


    Hello ! A question before buying it: can members pick for example 2 awards to award themselves ? Like, for example: Awards icons are to show wich classes members are playing on a game. I'd like to use this plugin to allow the members to choose 1 or 2 classes icon and show them on their profile/posts. Is that possible ? Thank you.
  12. Hello ! I'm wondering if there is a way to give members the ability to ONLY delete their posts if the post is the last of a topic. Thanks !
  13. I solved this issue by deleting and reinstalling my template. No more issues since yesterday. Thanks for your support !
  14. I reinstalled my template, waiting for my users feedbacks.
  15. Okay, thanks a lot for your answers. The thing is I'm currently viewing the toolbar, when oser users don't. I'll try to reach the theme's developer (IPSFocus). Thank you !
  16. Okay ! Here we go. http://desertnoir.fr/forums/ ID: Test Pw: password4test You can post in that section: http://desertnoir.fr/forums/index.php?/forum/16-discussions-g%C3%A9n%C3%A9rales-sans-lien-avec-bdo/
  17. Affected users tried on IE, Chrome and Firefox.
  18. So, I just came back home, and I don't get this issue on my personnal computer. Only some of my users encounter this bug. Do somebody has an other suggestion ? Thanks !
  19. Hello. I forgot to mention that I tried this too, it didn't solved. I'll try again.
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