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  1. Since it works by sign in the forum through Discord, I higly doubt you will be able to use it with Clubs specifically without looking at the code.
  2. When installing the bot, no Discord Servers are detected.
  3. Hello ! Is this plugin still supported ?
  4. Yes, I saw your previous messages, but I can't find it... maybe because I translated every language strings into french, so "User Menu" or "Collab memberships" don't refer to anything for me..
  5. Hello, One of my members asked how to transfer the ownership of a collab he created. I saw on some posts here that you mentioned an "ownership transfer" feature. But I can't find it... could you please add some more details regarding where this feature is ? Thanks !
    Great application. If you want to set up an automated trophies system on your forum without having to learn a complex rules system, here you go. This plugin wil allow you to easily and quick set up awards based on criterias. It lacks the complexity of the iAwards + Rules combo, but you have nothing to learn or understand, just set up your criterias, upload your images, and voilà, you're done. + great support and updates.
  6. Oh yeah, it sounds great for me, since I didn't understand how to use Rules & iAwars efficiently. Thanks for your work !!
  7. Hello, My members can see this icon: But get a 404 error when clicking on it. Is it normal they can see it ? Thanks !
  8. Hello, I ran the support tools, which cleared my cache and it looks good now... Thank you !
  9. Hello, Since this morning, my members can't edit their messages anymore, and too I can't: he message field doesn't show. Moreover, they can't add photos to the galery, same, nothing shows. Does somebdy here could help me ? Thank you
  10. Hello ! I have an issue with my menu: there is a menu entry which I want to delete, but it doesn't show in the menu ACP section. Here are 2 screens: As you can see, the "Grande Bibliothèque" menu doesn't show in the ACP. Please note that some menu entry are using IP.Content module, and some others are external links... What's wrong here please ? Thanks !
  11. Hello ! Thank you for his application. Anyone here would mind to share a newsletter template ? I'm not a developer so I can't to it by myself... Thanks !!
  12. Hello, would be interested in it too !
  13. Sorry, no it's ok. I first enable the System Overview widget, wich took ages to load and stopped me to access the ACP (page loading forever). Then it was okay again.
  14. Soooo... I just bought your Post Contributions rule set, thank you again for that. I have one question: what is the logic behind checking the "100 contributions award", since there is no mention of such an award ?
  15. For some reason, it seems to be working now... !
  16. Edit: I can attach a video, but now I've enabled the plugin, some features of my forum are broken. For example, I can't edit a message (the text editor doesn't show), some plugins don't work anymore (like the one which allow me to change the author's name).
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