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  1. opmows

    Videos Support

    Thank you, it works 🙂 Best wishes, JP
  2. opmows

    Videos Support

    Hi, Could you please check the page: https://opusmodus.com/forums/videos/view-36-lci-improvisation-with-three-patterns/ The video frame is far too big, I think this is a bug. JP
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    where can I find it.

  4. Hi, (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player plugin if installed, prevent the 'Videos' app from loading local videos. The YouTube videos working fine. Is this possible to fix. Best wishes, JP
  5. What about in a few years time, ready for 2024 could be good.
  6. It is annoying indeed. For years I am asking for a Lisp code syntax highlighting and never got any replay of any kind, not even HOWTO info.
    Could you add the total time of the file and the remaining time - as played, on Safari there is none.
  7. Please consider to add a lisp code (syntax highlight) to the Code editor. Sine years we ask for it, this can't be to difficult surely. Must music (coding) systems are written in Common Lisp. Our Forum needs this option very badly.
  8. opmows


    invisionpower any fix soon.
  9. opmows


    Any tips how to fix or how to add more languages to the build in code colorisation i.e.. lisp lang.
  10. Adding code snippet with all the dependencies will crash the toolbar. The only thing to get it work again is to restore the Toolbar. Why is so difficult for the developers to fix the code colorisation with additional setup - no colorisation. As it is now the code tool build in is not very useful.
  11. Adding Code Snippets is not working. Any idea how to make the Code usable other the PHP colorisation.
  12. I too would like to get an answer from the developers on this. Or how to stop the colorisation. Thank you.
  13. How to add mp4, mp3, .txt etc... attachment types to the new IPS 4 forum system.
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