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Status Updates posted by SJ77

  1. A very sad loss! Spanner was a great guy! always kind and very helpful.

  2. Has anybody seen @TheJackal84 ??

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    2. Tripp★


      With what's going on in the world right now, I sure hope he's alright. 

    3. TheJackal84


      I'm alright thanks had a lot going on so came on when I could, should be back to normal this week

    4. James101


      Glad to know you are doing alright! And thank you for updating us! Take care brother 🙂

  3. new logo looks great!

  4. I have been meaning to ask this. IS that your mustang in the photo or just one you found online?

    1. stoo2000


      It was one I hired on our honeymoon back in 2010. We didn't get right-hand-drive Mustangs available for sale here until 2016 (UK), however my dream model (GT Convertible) is far too expensive :( ($63,000 if you use todays exchange rate)

  5. do you know when advanced status updates will be updated?

  6. random question. How did you get that FAQ application to work? I installed it and I see it in my ACP but it's nowhere in the menu and when I put myurl.com/faq/ into my browser I get dead white page.. (doesn't exist.)

    Even the smallest of hints would be most appreciated. Thanks :)

    1. SJ77


      never mind, I made a block and dropped it into a custom page. I was expecting to have it come with it's own link in the menu. thanks

    2. Morrigan


      Glad you found it!

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