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  1. @TheJackal84 would a fresh install work? Sent a response to your private box.
  2. I would suggest 'support groups' as our site uses the term for the clubs to allow individuals get and give support. I'd also suggest 'circles' as in 'circle of friends' vs 'club' either way, love the app, use it fully.
  3. @TheJackal84 Did some thinking on the issue still persisting sent you some code in the update PM. hoping we could resolve the issue and again, thanks for helping look into this. I tried a fresh update, nothing occurred, still receiving the error.
  4. @TheJackal84 there is an interesting development in the error I am getting, sent you a pm
  5. @TheJackal84 was checking in on the crashing error I sent.
  6. I really love the dimensions theme, it is amazing on so many levels.
  7. Adriano, buddy! Suggestion; possible to add a 'custom field' for adding where we want the app to redirect to, as of now it goes directly to the 'terms' page of the site. or at least an option to return back to previous page person was on where they did the update; at very least allow us to chose terms or main community page. I would love you , ah hell I already do, your work is phenomenal. Thanks for hearing me out.
  8. All to often individuals have many, many problems pertaining to the IPS community and staff and rarely do those individuals give credit where credit is due; since we are heading into a whole new year 2019 and as of writing this so many new things are about to come out with IPS, I just felt I wanted to give my personal thanks and gratitude for everything these special people have done for me, specifically, over the years. Without the following, I would not be where I am today, it is because of their guidance and help, both with what they could do and even when they weren't supposed to (as they went above and beyond the call of duty). I know very little about coding and it is because of them I have my community dedicated to people and their struggles. Invision Thank you! You all have affected my life as a whole and you all have had some impact on my life emotionally over the years, From the bottom of my heart, Thank You, Thank You all. IPS Staff Stuart Silvester Marc Stridgen Lindy Throgmartin Jim Morrissey Rhett Buck Mark Higgins Daniel Fatkic Matt Mecham Jennifer M Andrew Millne Brandon Farber Ryan Ashbrook Brian Garcia My Favorite Application Developers I'd also like to give thanks to the creators who made the cosmetics of the community tip-top shape. Without you all, the community I have would be normal. The following is a list of recommended programmers who've made the site possible. Between these people, I've gone bankrupt lol, no but seriously, because of them I look like I know my stuff. @TheJackal84 - His response time is amazing, his products are all recommended. He's even helped me with some issues I couldn't fix. @Fosters - His applications ad a certain goal oriented feel, giving my users something to strive for daily. His support is usually 2-3 days, but he does come through when needed. @ehren. - His designs make me look like I can build websites; seriously though, highly recommended; he usually pulls through when needed and answers all questions when asked. @opentype - While he does place restrictions on who can use his product, he made my articles look just amazing, the man knows his stuff. @InvisionHQ - I love his work, wish his support was a little more in-depth, still have some issues needing to be resolved (he has been aware of), but all in all his work is great, his enhancements are amazing. I use his shoutcast plugin mainly which should be updated at some point. @Pete T - Only got 1 thing, social icons, but I must say good work. My Personal All Time Favorites @Adriano Faria - He is by far one of the people I buy apps from for my suite. He usually gets back to me within 1 hour of posting issues, he accepts recommendations and usually completes them on the spot. He takes critiques very well and is all around an awesome individual. @Mike John - I not only buy his stuff, I hired him yearly for support (he comes through like a champ) his site devfuse.com is just amazing and highly recommended for third party apps. Friend I have met while at IPS @Davyc - an amazing person with a website called 'lonely people' we now work together as sister communities. We've been good, good friends for quite awhile now and I love the guy; just an amazing individual with a great heart. All in all, these people have all contributed to Humanastory and what I have been doing; without these people - I would not be where I am today. In conclusion, I highly recommend IPS hosting. --- Who is your favorite developer and why? How has IPS affected you?
  9. Hey @TheJackal84 I threw an error from the sticky notes (was at the forums) - sent you a pm detailing the error.
    This program is worth its weight in gold! This is a very interesting program we would love to see improved upon, it has a lot of great features that it intergrades with such as 'Sticky Notes' allowing you to purchase notes to send out; you can also enjoy the abilities to charge members points for your profile changes such as 'Signature' which we can all enjoy. Recommendation: Still has some kinks to work out. All in All: 4/5 stars! Great product! Mr. Jackal84, you have earned this consumer's medal of gold standard, you are both professional and polite with your work, with this said here comes the bad. The deduction of stars comes from the situation we encountered while installing this program on our site. Such as and not limited to; Sticky notes, as this program ignores the 'per day' allotted amount set in the member group, it misleads the person whom is receiving the note by letting them see the 'return arrow' used by the sticky note to allow people to respond to a sticky using another sticky; when the user who is out of stickies goes to respond, the app tells the user they have none, however this program allows them to purchase one and send it ignoring the per day limit. Signatures don't look like the signature in Account Settings and ignores the site rules for signatures when you use this program offers. It feel incomplete. I hope to follow this as it develops, we feel as if we paid to high of a price for a product that is not working all to well; one upon install we had to correct with code (and our site is all defaulted by the people whom created IPS). I would like to finish this off by stating @TheJackal84's service is awesome and deserves a lot of respect, we do feel, our concerns are small, and we just feel this product is not right for us (until improved upon, which is why we want him to keep the money and are not asking for refunds in any way) - His products are amazing, these again are just the issues with our small site and we wish him all the best! We'd also further this by stating, these are the issues, we had alone and not every site might have these issues. Overall, I highly recommend this program to help incentivize your users to post and be active.
  10. --- Looking for some CSS help in regards to the profile video. --- The spacing (circled in red) is it possible to space it out like all the other stuff in the profile, to make it more uniform The width and height (circled in yellow) is it possible to stretch it out to be the same size as everything else as depicted here. Add a header "Profile Video" as underlined in yellow
  11. Sent a PM with details receiving errors when editing groups for the bank; also receiving errors when creating new items.
  12. I … think I love you! Just FYI, the images for your point system aren't working, is there a place I can go to look it over and see what it looks like. (im a visual person)
  13. It would be nice to have an option much likened to the [WHAT GROUPS CAN USE THE MEMBER LIST] but have an option for [EXCLUDE GROUPS SEEN FROM MEMBERS LIST] example: Administrators and Staff groups.
  14. @Fosters send a PM as I felt it was more appropriate given the nature of the question.
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