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  1. -Sent a private Message @Adriano Faria, as I felt it was personal in nature and didn't want to discuss it here. Thanks for hearing me out.
    Support was lacking, had to buy product again, when the renewal was turned off, not by me. Tried to reach out, got NO responses.
  2. lol I love @Adriano Faria, he has cost me a fortune through time, but his stuff is just this good!
  3. I wanted to check in if this plugin has been set up to work with Adriano's flag app yet? and I was hoping to see if it had been updated yet to work with 'moods' the app as well. I hadn't heard back from you in some time (as I imagine you are a busy fellow), so I figured i'd check in here.
  4. Any update on the update from 4.3 to 4.4? Actually saw this after the post, I agree (merging this with the previous one)
  5. would this affect even if someone replies making the thread current again? See below.
  6. I've just purchased this wonderful item 'Superblocks' for my community. There are a couple of issues that I was wondering if you could help me with. For one of the topic feeds I have selected '6' to show but only 5 are showing (As depicted below.) (from ACP: pages - blocks) (Actual home page view) There is also an issue with the blogs (I called them journals at my community), nothing from my personal blogs are showing, yet I have them set to public view. (As depicted below (My ACP - Pages - Blocks) My Home Page View Below Note; no entries from my blog are located by the block.
  7. Paid for update, it is a great little program and addon for the website
  8. @TAMAN Works great! One question! is it possible to add padding in the ticker to match the blocks when and only in mobile and tablet form? It looks great on desktop, but is a bit off when in tablet and mobile form. Basically help it match the blocks padding ; I am using a basic pages layout that has blocks dragged and dropped. Picture one; Ticker goes to the end of page (no padding), block below has a padding.
  9. I'd like to purchase, the only question I've got is, Will this be updated to service 4.4? Reason for asking, is the service tag in the marketplace says 4.3 (latest)
  10. @Adriano Faria Check your PM Sent a message about this program
  11. @TheJackal84 check the PM A Proposition awaits 🙂
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