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  1. ProMenu Basic

    Can you please confim if im entiled to a upgrade to v3? Paul
  2. ProMenu Basic

    Just upgraded to 2.0.4 and now my menus have a white edge to them I have re cached but still the same? They look fine under acp preview Any ideas
  3. Manage Inactive Members

    Have downloaded latest package and uploaded but havent got the option to install from acp?
  4. Download: ProMenu Basic

    I currently have the skin issue where menu is not displaying. I dont have IP Content so the part about removing the hook doesnt apply :(
  5. Download: Shoutbox

    Hi Michael Same problem here the newest - oldest / oldest - newest setting does not work always places new shouts at the bottom
  6. Download: [VN32] Sticky Message

    Thanks :)
  7. Download: [VN32] Sticky Message

    Hi what was the colours you used on your site, looks g8 :)
  8. Download: ProMenu Basic

    ok thanks for the feedback :)
  9. Download: ProMenu Basic

    First of all thankyou for such a great mod, i have recently purchased this to swap out fusion which i have used for ages. Only one slight problem is when using iphones / ipads for drop down catagories you have to click on the header name and it opens the drop down box but there is no way to close it unless you click on another menu link? on fusion you could simply click the drop down menus name again and it would close, Paul
  10. Download: Fusion Menu

    Any ideas what could be causing this???
  11. Download: Fusion Menu

    ermmmm im getting the same
  12. Download: Fusion Menu

    Thanks Loren, i have tried this but still the same im thinking i have a problem with my skin or cache because it seems to run ok and ass and update some bits but then reverts back to how it was. I have opened a ticket so hopefully will be sorted. Thanks again Paul
  13. Download: Fusion Menu

    Yes tried that but still the same :(
  14. Download: Fusion Menu

    hi all, can someone please copy me the default fusion menu.css, I have upgraded from 3.1 to 3.2 and it seems to have kept all the colours from my modified skin on the upgrade. Thanks in advance Paul