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  1. ​ I should note that we're on the latest versions of both IPB and this plugin, by the way. Any applications we add now are only able to be associated with custom statuses, and these don't work for automatically swapping usergroups because there's no way to say which status should count as accepted, besides the name.
  2. Hello. We're having a slight problem with the default statuses(we edited them) not being useable on all of our applications, resulting in us having to create duplicate entries which then show up in the lists twice. Removing the duplicates and only leaving the defaults results in this:
  3. Getting this message on every topic view: Fatal error: Method warnMessage does not exist in warnMessagePosts_display in /usr/www/taconbanana/public/forums/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php on line 4051 Our forum is a vBulletin 4 migration and infractions were converted to warnings, not sure if that could be related.
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